How to Buy an iPhone Good Second

How to check iphone?
How to Buy an iPhone Good Second
1 - Look at the original Clock App on iPhs for a second (like clock clips) (some clones go for seconds, but don't stop for a second, like a battery clock).
2 - Insert your SIM card into your purchased iPh
Call "* # 5005 * 7672 #" and the Message Center No (clone is not displayed).
3 - *** Check if iCloud (Find My iPhone) is on *** To check if iCloud needs imei number from the iPhone you buy imei number dial * dial # 06 # or see Settings> General> About> imei (there are 15 imei numbers) received. Enter the 15 imei numbers in this link>
4 - You Must Know If The Buy iPhone is Official Unlocked (Sim Unlocked) Or Sim Locked
You can check if the iPh you are buying is Sim Locked with "imei".
*** Official Unlocked is available in any Simcard country
*** If the lock is locked, it can only be used with the Simcard in the country where the iPhone was purchased (not all Lock Locked phones).
1. Go to the App Store. Just ask for a google account.
2) Go to Music If Sportify is signed in, it's a bet.
Double click the Home button. If multitasking can't be done
4) Clock Look! The watch is not a swipe unless it is a swipe.
Open the Home Page and tap the Home button. If the Application Icons do not go up and down half of the screen
Trying to do so is very clear.
There are many other ways.
*** It's just 100% enough to determine whether or not a google account is required to access the App iPhone as an Apple iPhone.
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