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 Huawei has Released The New Huawei Nova8 Pro 5G with New amazing Cameras.and Skills Product, Today we gonna know This Phone so Close.

Huawei Nova8 Pro Camera

What will Offer Huawei for Costumers:

Huawei made Nova8 pro with 5G network for Challanging Most Greatest Companies in this Domain as Apple and Samsung and Xiaomi Either.

It Came with sensor Camera with 3 wide and detect Cameras.

 As a product aimed at the young market, Huawei's nova series is popular among young people with its superb looks and powerful selfie capabilities. This time, Huawei nova8 Pro has brought together high-end configurations such as dual front Vlog video cameras, brand new color 8, 66W super fast charge, 120Hz high refresh screen, etc., but they are not what I want to introduce for you...

Huawei Nova8 pro in Hands

Today’s protagonist is the screen of Huawei’s nova8 Pro. This screen is awesome: it not only has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, a delicate display of 440 PPI, but also a 10bit screen. So, what exactly is a 10bit screen? What will happen to the 10bit screen display? Please follow me to take a look.

Popular Science | What is a 10bit screen?

Before figuring out what a 10bit screen is, let's first understand what a bit is. The Chinese name of Bit is bit, which is the smallest unit of information transmitted by a computer (computer records information is binary, that is, 0 and 1 are used to represent and convey information). The signals that can be transmitted by 1bit are: a 0 or a 1; the signals that can be transmitted by 2bit are: 00, 01, 10, 11.

Display Screen

By searching for rules, people finally found that the color types that can be represented by 8bit are 16.77 million colors, while the color types that can be represented by 10bit are 1.07 billion colors. To sum it up in one sentence, the 10bit screen on Huawei nova8 Pro can display more colors (the screen on traditional mobile phones is an 8bit screen).

Huawei Nova8 Pro New Screen Display Options:

Let me give you an easy-to-understand example: Assuming that each color is a step, we have to walk through these steps to a height of 30 meters. Then, each step of the 8bit screen is 100cm, and each step of the 10bit screen is 1.5cm. Obviously, the latter transition is smoother. We changed the scene back to the transition between colors, and the reason is the same.

Huawei Nova8 pro Pixels

The above example, in short, is: because the color types displayed on a 10-bit screen can be 64 times higher than that on an 8-bit screen, when a picture is displayed, the transition between the two colors in the picture will be smoother and the sense of fragmentation will be lower. Regarding the application of 10bit screens, more are in the professional field. For example, professional photographers or video editors will be equipped with 10bit screen equipment as standard. This also means that the cost of carrying a 10bit screen will be high.

This time, Huawei put the 10bit screen used in the professional video imaging field on the nova8 Pro, which shows the professionalism of this model in video shooting and production. As for the effect of 10bit and 1.07 billion colors? Let's experience it in detail below.

Display articles | Show rich colors:

After reading my simple science popularization of 10bit screens, I believe you already understand the advantages of 10bit screens. So next, I will show you the ability of Huawei nova8 Pro to display colors on this 10-bit screen.

In fact, Huawei nova8 Pro is equipped with a 10bit screen. For our average users, the main advantage is mainly reflected in the viewing of videos (mainly because the pictures and videos taken by the mobile phone are 8bit, so even if the screen can display 10bit, it will not help; and shooting Film equipment can often shoot 10bit). Next, let me show you how you experience watching movies with Huawei nova8 Pro.

Huawei Nova Screen Hrz

First of all, I chose the national comic film "Big Fish and Begonia". The main reason for choosing it is that the color of the film is very rich. When watching with Huawei nova8 Pro, the excellent color brought by this 10bit screen is really something I have not experienced on other mobile phones before: Huawei nova8 Pro presents the colors in the screen very well when playing "Big Fish Begonia". Delicate, and the restoration is very real.

Testing 4k Film Coulors on Huawei Nova8 Screen

Then, I chose the movie "The Great Gatsby". I still remember that the teacher in the camera class at school introduced this movie to us: The most shocking part of the movie "The Great Gatsby" is that it is high-end with brilliant colors. Social drunken fans.

Huawei Nova8 Pro Brilliant Coulors

Before this, I have always disagreed with the videography teacher's statement: I didn't think the color of this picture was so gorgeous. But after playing "The Great Gatsby" with Huawei nova8 Pro, I really got the essence of this movie: at Gatsby’s banquet where everyone was invited, the colorful lights and fireworks made Gatsby look very good. Bright and bright, these bright and bright reflect all kinds of lies about his birth that Gatsby forged. Thanks to the 10bit screen of Huawei nova8 Pro, I have a deeper understanding of this work.

Let's sum up

Huawei Nova8 Pro an Amazing Exprience

I believe that everyone now has a full understanding of the 10bit screen of Huawei nova8 Pro. If you have higher requirements for screen display, then I strongly recommend that you buy this Huawei nova8 Pro. Not only can you harvest a product with no obvious shortcomings in all aspects, but you can also enjoy a super high-quality visual experience. Isn't it beautiful?

Video Showing you The Huawei Nova8 Pro 5G Unboxing: 

In End and After showing you some Huawei Nova8 Pro 5G is a Great phone for Gaming and Using whole Time and the Day I wish you will get or Buy this great Phone soon Possible.
Just the price will be high Little till that time we will see all Great Products Over Here.

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