Windows 8.1 Pro [x64] December 2020 December

 Windows 8.1 Pro [x64]

December 2020 December

وندوز 8.1 برو أصلية مفعلة جيدة جدا للناس الذين يحبذون الأنظمة القديمة و الذين تعودوا على إستعمال وندوز 8 مدانا لكم إخوتي لا اتسى الإشتراك في القناة.

For this file, it is a Windows 8.1 Pro Full Activated file made from genuine Windows 8.1 Pro Update 3 Original files. Install finished and Activated immediately to load and use.
- without any modifications
- Windows updates have been included until 12/15/2020.
- Highly secure Because the gaps have been closed
Windows with updated files
- Various bugs that have been encountered Is fixed
- Stable

Features installed

- DotNet 3.5
- DotNet 4.7.2
- Hyper-V
- Legacy Components
- Flash Player


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