Xiaomi Mi 11 With wrireless Fast Charging Only

 Xiaomi Mi 11 No Random Charge No More

Xiaomi will change to wireless Charging

As Apple, Xiaomi decided or will also begin to cancel the complimentary charger. On December 26, Xiaomi Chairman and CEO Lei Jun said on official Site that the Xiaomi Mi 11 released next Monday will cancel the random charger.

and Xiaomi will Completely will stop using Old charging way and will focus on the new changing telecharge, and some devlopers said this will grow up the Company and will take it to the next level of produceing Mobile Phones. 

Xiaomi will change to The Wireless Fast  Charging Completely: 

in that Xiaomi customers been waiting for This technology, on their New Xiaomi Phones, and Xiaomi Company is a powerful one in this Domain wireless changing.

Xiaomi Promises to give The user a new better Performance  using on the phone Battery and giving it a long Life usining.

Xiaomi Mi11 will be without Cable Charging 

Xiaomi said also that the new packaging of Xiaomi Mi 11, focusing on thinness and lightness, made an important decision: In response to the call of technology and environmental protection, Xiaomi Mi 11 canceled the included charger. Lei Jun said that today everyone has a lot of idle chargers, which is a problem for users and a burden on the environment. Whether there is a better solution between industry practice and environmental protection will be discussed at the press conference.

It reported that in last October of this year, Apple decided to no longer be equipped with chargers and headphones in the new iPhone 12 box. Apple said at the time that removing the charger and headset would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from mining and packaging related to product manufacturing.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series will be released at 19:30 today and will debut the Snapdragon 888 processor in the world.


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