HP Laptop Stopped Charging Fix

 Many HP notebook users report that their notebooks can’t be charged, and they always say "The power adapter is connected and the battery is not charging." So what is going on? Is the battery broken? The following editor will share with you the specific reasons and solutions.


HP Laptop Stopped Charging

HP laptop cannot be charged: the power adapter is connected and the battery is not charging

The solution is as follows:

Before checking the following conditions, we need to know whether your laptop battery power is higher than the charging threshold.

First, in order to better protect the battery, the battery has a charging threshold set. If the battery power is higher than the charging threshold when the power adapter is plugged in, then Will not charge. Different laptop models have different charging thresholds, generally 90%. So it is recommended to use the battery power below 50%, then plug it in and test it.

If it is lower than the charging threshold, and it still cannot be charged after plugging in the power adapter, the following methods can be tried:

1. The environment is too cold:

The recommended ambient temperature for lithium batteries is 5°C~30°C, beyond this temperature range, abnormal charging or power supply will occur. You can turn it on for half an hour, turn it off and then turn it on for observation.

2. Release the motherboard static electricity:

Remove all external devices, unplug the power supply, remove the battery, turn on the power button, press and hold for 30 seconds. 

During this period of time, there is generally no response, the purpose is to discharge the motherboard static electricity. After that, insert the battery, and the power adapter, turn on the watch.

If the notebook’s battery is built-in and cannot be easily removed, you can turn it off and unplug the power adapter, remove all external devices, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then plug in the power adapter and turn it on for observation.

3. BIOS hard reset:

In the shutdown state, press the Windows button + V button at the same time and keep it pressed, press the power button to turn on, and do not release Windows + V. 

Wait for one minute, if there is a display and prompt 502 error when booting, it means the reset is successful. If it turns out to be a UEFI boot system, you can directly enter the system.

4. Replace The HP Power Adapter:

If possible, replace the HP power adapter test with the same interface (same power or higher power), and replace the battery test with the same model. Do not plug in the battery, just plug in the power adapter, and try to see if it can be turned on and used normally. If it can be turned on and used normally, the power adapter generally has no problem.

5. Hardware Diagnostic Tool:

 Install the HP PC hardware diagnostic tool (hp.com/go/techcenter/pcdiags), Windows version or UEFI version. Run the Windows version under the system, select component test→power→battery→run once to view the inspection result. Install the UEFI version to the hard drive, click F2 continuously after booting, enter the detection interface, there is a Chinese interface, select component test → power → battery → run once to view the inspection result.

6. Checking:

Check whether the needle in the small blue port of the power adapter plug is biased, you can use a toothpick to adjust it to the center position.

7. Update the motherboard BIOS:

Try to update the motherboard BIOS. You need to be reminded that flashing the BIOS is risky. If the BIOS flashing fails and causes hardware problems, you may need to replace the motherboard. Connect the external power adapter and battery to keep the computer in a stable power supply state.

 During the refresh process, do not run other applications, such as anti-virus software, in the background. Do not interrupt abnormally during the refresh process.

If there is important data in the computer, it is recommended to make a backup in advance. Please consider carefully before performing this operation!

8. HP authorized repair center:

If the above methods are invalid and the notebook is still under warranty, it is recommended to send it to an HP authorized repair center for further testing. If there is no warranty, you can go to a nearby repair notebook shop. 

If the power adapter is plugged in and can be powered on, after removing the power adapter, the battery cannot work normally, it may be that the battery is damaged.

Regardless of whether it is an HP notebook or another brand of notebook, we can check according to the above method to better understand your battery and use the notebook better.

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