Huawei HiSuite V11 PC version 2021

 The computer version of Huawei Mobile Assistant is a software that can connect and manage your Huawei mobile phone. 

It supports USB and WIFI connection, helps users manage and download applications, and back up and restore mobile phone contacts, information, pictures, and videosa nd other functions, it is a necessary assistant software for Huawei mobile phone users.

Features of Huawei Mobile Assistant PC Edition:

Data management

allows you to conveniently manage contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, applications and other data through your computer.

Data backup

Backup and restore phone data so that your important data will not be lost.

System Upgrade

Help you easily upgrade your mobile phone system to the latest version.

Huawei Mobile Assistant PC version official download

Features of Huawei Mobile Assistant PC Edition :

Application management.

View, install, and uninstall mobile apps, saving time and effort.

One-click to complete the automatic upgrade of mobile phone applications.

Screenshot of mobile phone.

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Backup and restore.

The data on the device can be backed up to the computer, and it supports backup files of mobile contacts, text messages, mobile applications, songs, communication records, emails, and calendars.

You can restore the backup data to the device.

system update.

Instantly find the latest version of the device operating system and provide download and update functions.

Instantly check the latest version of HiSuite and provide download and update functions.

Contact management.

Add, delete and change phone contacts.

Support the import and export functions of mobile phone contacts.

Support contact group management function.

SMS management.

Support computer to receive and manage SMS.

Support computer to export short messages.

Support broadcast mail.

Image management.

Support multiple methods to preview images.

Support image import and export functions.

Support the function of setting the image as the device wallpaper.

Video management.

Support multiple ways to preview video.

Support video import and export functions.

app Store.

Search and install software to the device.

Click Repair.

When the system installation fails and the device cannot be started, the repairable device is set to the factory.

Huawei mobile phone ROM.

Provide Huawei official ROM selection, download, transfer, and single-click functions.

Outlook goes together.

The mobile phone contacts and schedule information in the device and Outlook are highly consistent.

How to use the computer version of Huawei Mobile Assistant:

1. Click the "System Upgrade" button on the homepage, and a pop-up box will be displayed, telling the user to upload the IMEI code to use the upgrade service. Give consent and cancel buttons at the same time.

Huawei Mobile Assistant

2. Click agree to enter the "system upgrade" function.

3. In the detection interface, check the latest version of the device system software, click the "Next" button to download the upgrade package

4. After the download is complete, enter the backup interface

5. In the backup interface , Select the backup project and the backup path, click "Next" to backup.

Huawei Mobile Assistant PC version official download.

6. After the backup is complete, click OK to enter the transfer interface.

7. After the transfer is complete, it prompts the user that the upgrade is in progress. The phone restarts and enters the upgrade interface. The upgrade can be successful, and the upgraded version is consistent with the downloaded version.

8. If no new version is found, a prompt will be given that it is the latest version, and click OK to close the pop-up box.

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