Huawei Honor V40 2021

 The latest news on January 10th, the well-known domestic digital blogger Long Er Pro has exposed the offline poster of the Honor V series iterated new machine Honor V40 on the social platform.

Huawei Honor V40


 Honour V40 Will Be released in:

 It is confirmed that the Honor V40 will be released on the 18th of this month. This will be Honor's first mobile phone conference in 2021 and also the first mobile phone conference after Honor's independence. You can look forward to this Honor's mobile phone conference.

Judging from the news of the well-known digital blogger Logger Pro’s exposure on social platforms, the new appearance of the Honor V40 has been confirmed. The rear camera design of the Honor V40 will adopt a large-eye matrix design in the upper left corner similar to the Huawei Nova8 Pro

The super-large main camera lens, the middle sub-camera and a flash are sides by side, and the bottom two sub-cameras are side by side, but the Honor V40 is changed from the elliptical matrix design of Huawei Nova8Pro to a square matrix design. I have to say, I think The square matrix design of Honor V40 looks more coordinated.

Huawei Honor V40 Front Camera

 Honour V40 Front Camera and Screen:

The front of the Honor V40 will use a double-drilled curved screen, support a 120hz high refresh rate, and support a 300hz ultra-high touch sampling rate. It is important to know that the touch sampling rate of mainstream gaming phones on the market is only 270hz, and most flagship phones only support a 240hz touch Sampling Rate. 

The exposed poster also shows that the Honor V40 will be equipped with a 1 billion colour retina super-sensing screen. From the current known parameters, the screen parameters of the Honor V40 are very similar to those of the Huawei Nova8Pro.

 The Honor V40 is likely to be the Huawei used. The Nova8Pro has the same screen. After all, the previous Huawei and Honor are the same company (Honor V40 was designed before the sale of Honor), and the previous Honor and Huawei have also launched multiple doll phones! The screen parameters of the Huawei Nova8Pro are indeed very good. It may be better than the screens of most Huawei phones and Honor phones on the market.

What's the New in  Honor V40:

According to online news, the Honor V40 series will be equipped with MediaTek’s flagship mobile phone processor Dimensity 1000+ released last year, and MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ AnTuTu has a score of 530,000+. The theoretical performance is still very good, but Dimensity 1000 series iterations The chip is about to come out. At this time, Honor also released a mobile phone equipped with Dimensity 1000+. It is still a bit helpless. The Honor V40 was originally planned to be equipped with the Huawei Kirin 9000 chip, but because of things everyone knows, there is no way to carry it. Kirin 9000 is coming, and Honor V40 can only use MediaTek's flagship mobile phone processor Dimensity 1000+.

Huawei Honor V40 Camera Design

Finally, the Honor V40 will be equipped with a combination of 66w wired fast charging + 50w wireless fast charging. The charging combination is more powerful, but I don’t know how Honor’s 66w is? The Honor v40 equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ is likely to start at 300$  like the Honor 30. What do you think will be the performance and sales of the first Honor flagship phone without Huawei?

Source: Long Er Pro 

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