Java Roadmap New Learning for 2022

 Learning is a gradual process, and it is a very rare thing to persist. If you really want to learn Java, you must make up your mind!

Here I share with you the Java learning road map in 2021, I hope it will be helpful to you.


1-Java basics:

There are 6 sub-modules of learning in the Java basic section:

Basic grammar can help you establish basic programming logic thinking.

Object-oriented, write beautiful Java programs in an object-oriented way,

Collection, necessary technology for storing data in later development,

IO, read and write basic operations on-disk files.

Multithreading and concurrency to improve program efficiency, Abnormal, the logic of writing code is more sound, Network programming, application server learning basics, complete remote data transmission.

Learning this stage, you can complete some simple management systems, tank battle games, QQ communications, etc.

2-The Database:

The database is not only a compulsory course for Java development engineers but also a skill that other languages ​​need to master. Used to store customer data during the interaction.

For example MySQL, Oracle, Redis, MongoDB, etc. After learning the database, you can store the data in the database, or query the data from the database through SQL statements, and combine it with the Java project to realize the preservation of the data of the dynamic site.


3-Front-end technology:

The Java web stage includes front-end, database and dynamic web pages. Java web is an introductory course for Internet projects, and it is the basis for learning the advanced courses that follow.

First, let's take a look at the front-end section. This section mainly includes the following modules:

HTML5, the markup language for web page creation, CSS, beautify the HTML production webpage.

JavaScript, a scripting language embedded in the page, with logic Vue, the front-end framework, simplifies the operation of interacting with the server, and a good interaction experience for users is essential.

After learning the front-end technology, you can complete the preparation of front-end projects similar to Jingdong and Taobao.

4-Popular technology framework:

There are so many Java Web frameworks. After you have some experience, you can also write a Web framework. Many online say that Spring, Struts2, and Hibernate are Java troikas.

I just want to say that it is a long time ago. I seriously do not recommend Struts2 and Hibernate. Believe me, you only need to get started with Spring, SpringMVC, Mybatis, and especially the Spring framework. In fact, the Spring family frameworks are all Very good.

5-Advanced web framework:

After using the SSM framework, you will think that the framework is nothing more than that. In fact, apart from SSM, web frameworks can be described as a hundred families. Among them, the Spring family bucket is the most dazzling. Here I strongly recommend two Spring family frameworks: SpringBoot and SpringCloud.

6-Other technologies:

Other technologies


A high-performance key-value database. When there are high concurrent requests, caching the data in Redis will improve the server's response performance and greatly reduce the pressure on the database.


The most advanced distributed version control system in the world. It is recommended that all beginners start using Git from the command line!


 A tool for building projects. The dependencies between projects are perfectly organized through XML. The project can be compiled into bytecode files through the compilation plug-in. There is a similar Gradle is also a good choice.

A detailed explanation of maven's pom.xml file.


 At least the commonly used commands are required to be able to deploy the project in the Linux environment.

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