Rising Anti-Virus V17 2021

 Rising anti-virus software V17 2021 uses Rising’s most advanced quad-core anti-virus engine with a strong performance. It can perform a comprehensive check and kill against viruses and Trojan horses that are popular on the Internet. 

Rising Anti-Virus V17

At the same time, Rising Antivirus 17 adds kernel reinforcement, application entry protection, download protection, chat protection, video protection, registry monitoring and other functions. One piece of software can help users achieve multi-level and comprehensive information security protection. The newly added Decision Engine (RDM) is Rising's first artificial intelligence antivirus engine. It relies on a massive malware library and introduces machine learning algorithms to enable V16+ to obtain virus recognition capabilities similar to the human brain. 

It can get rid of the dependence of traditional anti-virus engines on virus interception, find out virus programs more accurately, and quickly and effectively kill the latest unknown viruses on the Internet. 

The newly added gene engine adopts the "software gene" extraction and comparison technology independently developed by Rising. Rising classifies a large number of virus programs according to the similarity of the programs, and extracts "software genes" from these virus families to generate a gene engine for use Identify the "viral gene bank" of viruses. The whole operation process does not require manual intervention and has the characteristics of timeliness and high efficiency. 

In addition, this V16+ update has also upgraded the basic engine functions, introduced virus detection methods such as graphic similarity and secondary detection, and improved many original functions. What are you waiting for, download it now!


Software features:

Rising Anti-Virus V17 2021 Dashboard

1. Simple to use, you can kill viruses anytime and anywhere as long as you can surf the Internet

2. Save resources, no resident programs, and will not affect the operation of other software or games

3. Timely update, timely update of the virus database, so that what virus kills what virus

4. Powerful engine, Rising's original RDM artificial intelligence anti-virus engine, so that you will never be interfered by viruses.

5. With mature technology, Rising has more than ten years of anti-virus experience, so you can use it safely and safely.

Software function:

Rising Anti-Virus V17 2021 Options

1. Virus Check and Kill:  

v17 provides you with a variety of convenient and quick check and kill methods, including: [Quick Check and Kill], [Full Check and Kill] and [Custom Check and Kill].

1. Complete inspection and killing: 

Complete inspection and killing will scan the key areas of your computer system and all disks, and completely remove special unknown Trojans, backdoors, worms and other viruses.

2. Quick check and kill:

 Quick check and kill will scan your computer where special unknown Trojans, backdoors, worms and other viruses are prone to exist in the system, such as memory and other key areas, it is fast and efficient. Usually use the quick scan to kill most viruses and prevent virus outbreak.

3. Custom scan and kill: 

Custom scan and kill will scan the range you specify. You can check and kill the virus after you determine the target of the check and kill according to your needs. This operation is suitable for users with certain computer security knowledge.

2. Computer protection:

Computer protection can detect, kill and intercept viruses when you open unfamiliar files, send and receive e-mails, browse the web and other computer operations, so as to fully protect your computer. Bracing computer protection consists of [virus defense], [kernel reinforcement], [Software protection] and [Internet protection] are composed of four major functions.

1. Virus defence, including functions such as [File Monitoring], [Registry Monitoring], [Network Monitoring] and [Trojan Monitoring].

2. Kernel reinforcement, including [Key File Protection], [Core Registry Protection], [Process Isolation], [U Disk Protection], [Device Access Protection] and [Core Configuration Protection].

3. Software protection, including [Application Entry Protection], [Browser Software Protection], [Office Software Protection], [Chat Software Protection], [Download Software Protection] and [Video Software Protection].

4. Online protection, including [Internet environment defense], [Online shopping protection], [Safe payment protection], [Fraud and phishing protection] and [Malicious access protection].

3. Computer optimization:

the computer optimization function is mainly divided into four major modules: boot acceleration, network acceleration, system acceleration and garbage cleaning.

Boot Acceleration

[Boot Acceleration] is mainly optimized for boot startup items, and improves the boot speed of the computer by cleaning up too many startup programs in the computer;

4. Mobile phone security: 

Thenewly added mobile phone security function can be linked with mobile phone security software to ensure mobile phone security. Mobile phone protection can check and kill mobile phone viruses and Trojan horses, clean up garbage, and optimize the speed of mobile phone systems.

5. Security tool:

Rising antivirus software v17 [Security Tool] provides you with:

Rising Security Products: [Rising Firewall], [Rising Security Assistant], [Software Manager], [Account Safe], [Safe Browser], [ Security Game]

System optimization products: [Process Manager], [File Shredder], [System Repair], [Privacy Trace Cleanup], [Trace Cleanup], [Junk Cleanup], [Right-click Menu]

Network Security Products & Mobile Security : [Safe Website], [Safe Online Shopping], [Site Security Monitoring], [Smart Service], [Android Phone Security], [Apple Phone Security]

Auxiliary Tools: [Guide Zone Restore], [Rising Assistant]

Rising Security Tool A total of 21 practical tools in four categories.

The four "new" software:

1. Brand new intelligent antivirus engine (RDM):

RDM is Rising’s first artificial intelligence antivirus engine. It relies on Rising’s powerful malware library and virus library and introduces machine learning algorithms to enable it to obtain virus recognition similar to the human brain. ability, in order to be able to faster and more simple quasi-killing virus.

2. the new engine gene:

Rising antivirus v16 uses the rising self-developed "genetic software" extraction and matching technology, according to the program Rising similarity to a large number of virus program Family classification, extract "software genes" from these virus families, and generate a "viral gene library" used by gene engines to identify viruses. The whole operation process does not require manual intervention and has the characteristics of timeliness and high efficiency.

3. The new system optimization function:

The system optimization function is almost a must-have function for major antivirus software. This function is also added this time for users to optimize the operating system to a certain extent.

4. The new security toolbox:

the software provides users with more A variety of Rising’s security products and various small functional tools, such as secure browsers, Rising firewalls and other application software.

Related questions:

How to uninstall Rising antivirus software?


1: Open the registry and expand "HEKY LOCAL MACHINE"\" SOFTWARE"\"MICROSOFT"\"WINDOWS"\"CURRENT VERSION"\" UNINSTALL", click the program name under it, and you will be in the list on the right window see two options, DISPLAYNAME indicate the name of the program, uNINSTALL indicate the path to uninstall the program, you can modify or delete its uninstall path.

method II

1) start - Search - enter RISING, start searching / Delete after finding.

2) Clean up the registry with Optimize Master and wait for it to be deleted.

DOWNLOAD:  Rising anti-virus software V17

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