SnapDragon 888 VS Apple A14 Processor 2021

 Someone said: Since everyone has overturned, it is approximately equal to that everyone has not overturned. Due to the supply chain, 5nm chips have experienced problems one after another, and 2021 has completely turned into a worse era.

SnapDragon 888 VS Apple A14 Processor

Not to mention the Kirin 9000, the chip will last forever, and one will always be circulated; the Density 1200 is still a bit weaker, and the 6nm process has just exceeded the Snapdragon 865; Samsung Exynos1080 is positioned as a non-flagship. We all know that the battle of flagship chips in 2021 will be mainly between A14 and Snapdragon 888.

Compared with Snapdragon 888, A14 is both a 5nm process and belongs to the generation of "rollover". Whose posture is more elegant? Next, we will interpret from the three major directions of CPU, GPU, and energy efficiency ratio.

CPU, GPU: A14 leads a generation and a half:

Apple A14 Processor

Recently, techno sports announced benchmark tests of Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon 865, and A14 as a reference. Excluding inaccurate AnTuTu running scores, we can only look at Geekbech 5 running scores. The Snapdragon 888's single-core score only scored 1139 points, while the A14 scored 1591 points.

A conclusion can be drawn that the single-core performance of the Snapdragon 888 is 28.5% behind the A14. This gap is nearly 2 generations and will be reflected in the game performance and the smoothness of daily use. However, in the multi-core test, Snapdragon 888 is very close to A14. On the whole, A14's CPU is at least one and a half generations ahead of Snapdragon 888, and the advantage is still obvious.

Antutu Rate Processors 

Then, in the GPU test, the Snapdragon 888 scored 170 points, which is 37 points behind the A14 and 42 points higher than the Snapdragon 865. It can be seen from this point that in terms of GPU, A14 basically leads the Snapdragon 888 generation without any problem. On the whole, compared to the Snapdragon 888, the A14 is at least a generation and a half ahead-even in the case of a rollover.

Energy efficiency ratio:

Geek Bay uses a very funny idiom to describe the energy consumption ratio of Snapdragon 888: a group of chickens stand tall. This means that the energy consumption ratio of Snapdragon 888 is too bad, which is particularly stretched in the 5nm chip. Snapdragon 888 is really not good, and its lower limit is far beyond our imagination.

We look at this picture carefully, when the Snapdragon 888 is down to the performance of the Snapdragon 865. When the frame rate is also around 29FPS, the power consumption of the Snapdragon 865 is 5.5W, the power consumption of the Kirin 9000 is 5.2W, and the power consumption of the Snapdragon 888 is as high as 7.8W—equivalent to the power consumption of the same performance, which is higher than that of the Snapdragon 888. Dragon 865 has increased by 41.8%. What is this not a reverse upgrade?

Note that the A14 with a higher frame rate has a power consumption of 4.3W, which is basically only half of that of the Snapdragon 888. It is conceivable that the battery life of the Snapdragon 888 model is not as good as the iPhone 12. Seeing this, many fruit fans said: Xiaolong 888, sorry, goodbye!

TSMC 5nm is more stable:

The main difference is that both A14 and Kirin 9000 are manufactured by TSMC, while Snapdragon 888 is exclusively manufactured by Samsung. Sure enough, TSMC's 5nm is still a bit more stable. Although all overturned, TSMC's posture is more elegant. The high-frequency rollover is a common problem with 5nm chips. But even the low frequency is overturned, that is the problem of Samsung's 5nm process.

All in all, compared to the Snapdragon 888, the A14 is simply the second-generation god U. The only drawback is that the iPhone 12 adopts the X55 baseband in the whole series, which is one generation behind the X60 baseband integrated into the Snapdragon 888. Considering the current usage scenarios of 5G, I personally think that Snapdragon 888 has no advantage, and there is no need for fruit fans to change phones. Wait for next year.

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