The important terms Who Constitutes it The Android system


The important terms in the Android system, a necessary Files which runs on your System Design and make it balanced in your hands, and Give you the Best performance and using the system.

َAndroid System Terms

What is the role of these EFS / PIT / CERT / NV / QSN / Kernal files?

1 _ EFS file:

Its full name is Embedde file system.

It is a file encoding the protection zone in the device and it contains the imei and baseband information.

In the event that there is a problem in the device related to encryption and protection, we have to re-download the device's efs file, but we will lose the imei and we must fix it later on one of the boxs.

2 _ PIT file:

It is usually used with the 4-file ROM and it must be compatible with the device and with the memory size of the device, as it in turn re-partition the internal memory, a process called Repartition.

3 _ The NV file

It is used to treat network malfunctions and sometimes loss of IMEI

4 _ File Cert

It is the most important in most Samsung devices from 2014 and 2015 as it got high protection on the IMEI file, which is an IMEI certificate.

The Cert file can be pulled from one device and moved to another device, and also in the case of a locked device on a network, the Cert file can be pulled from another working device and written to the closed device to work normally, but before the file download process, the device must be rooted to allow access to the protection areas It is also useful if the imei is damaged or the imei is present, but there is no network in the device. Emergency calls only.

5 _ QSN file

It is an abbreviation

For Qualcomm calibration network.

It is a Qualcomm network calibration file, and it is files that we can pull and re-download from all devices that carry a Qualcomm processor. )

We cannot remedy this error with this file even though downloading the wrong file causes this problem.

6 _ Kernel file

It is the kernel file as a link between the hardware device (cutting the device on the board) and the software (operating system) such as controlling the speed of the processor and other tasks

It also causes sudden death problem in devices such as the 9300 and the 7100

1 _ ROM and files

The system for Samsung devices at the present time is the Android system and has several copies and names.

ROM is a version of the Android system, and there are two types of official and modified roms.

The ROM contains 4 files, namely.


It is a programming code that is the first code that passes the processor in the system and then launches the kernel, which launches a series of definitions to the pieces of the board to run the system.


It is the main operating system file in the device, and it is usually larger in size than the rest of the files and is responsible for all commands in the system, including the Android version and its updates, as it can be downloaded alone to update the system to a newer version.

3- Phone

It carries the modem system for the mobile network, Wi-Fi and GPS, and a flash drive can be downloaded to the device without this file, especially in downgrade cases to avoid problems in the network.

4- CSC

It is the language file in the device and it can only be downloaded to localize the device if there is no Arabic language in it.

Root and what is it:

It is a programmatic process that takes place in the Android system to open the field for some applications that need root access to reach the root of the Android system in order to be able to change or modify it and the most famous site for it is cf auto root.

There are other sites and other types depending on the device model.

We also need it a lot in software and programming operations in the event that you download a Cert file, a QSN file, open a closed telephone network, repair an imei, and the like.


Modified recovery:

It is a file consisting of several types, the most famous and best of which is the CWM, and there is also a type named TWRP and a type named Phil.

And its multiple benefits, including after downloading it on the device, you can root the device through it or do the installation of modified ROMs, through which the screen can be unlocked (pattern or personal code), as well as backup files.

In End Every Time Android System impressing Us with the New Phones Technology, we're looking for More New updates for Android Systems Always. 

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