V-Ray5 for Sketchup 2021

 V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is a high-quality renderer plug-in for SketchUp software, bringing you an unprecedented speed rendering experience. 

V-Ray5 for Sketchup 2021

You can use the V-Ray Vision real-time preview solution. Use Light Gen to automatically light the scene. Use Light Mix to relight the scene.

 It can be adjusted later without other software. Supports GPU rendering and can perform ray tracing calculations on the GPU installed in the system. Use V-Ray and V-Ray GPU renderers to provide interactive rendering. 

Viewport rendering (VPR) is a rendering output overlay on top of SketchUp's viewport. It also provides a real-time viewer, a lightweight "game engine" (rasterizer), currently does not use any type of ray tracing, can also generate spherical panoramas, and can quickly output still frames and animation sequences. It comes with its own automatic exposure, tone mapping and color correction options. If necessary, you can also perform batch rendering and cloud batch rendering. 

However, you can render multiple scenes at the same time, which improves rendering efficiency and shortens time. The new version of V-Ray 5 brings more functions and improvements. 

V- RAY 5 introduces real-time rendering, real-time visualization of the design content, now allows you to quickly adjust the lighting of the scene in real time after the scene is rendered, without re-rendering, and supports processing photos in the V-Ray 5 window, and running and saving presets, which is convenient for later use. 

In addition, it also brings better light generation tools, a new version of the V-RAY standard material, a material library of more than 500 preset materials, an improved sun and sky model, random texture and color tools, improved linear draft rendering, and improvements The V-Ray dirt texture, etc., 

Installation instructions:

V-Ray5 for Sketchup 2021 Instruction

1. Download and unzip on this site, as shown in the figure.

2. Double-click vray_50002_sketchup_win.exe to run the installation, click i agree.

3. Install according to the prompts, no need to install the licensing service.

4. After the installation is complete, exit the wizard.

5. Copy "cgauth.dll&Cracked_by_H_Hayat_x64.dll&vray.dll" to C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for SketchUp\extension\vrayappsdk\bin.

6. Copy "vray4sketchup2021.so" to C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for SketchUp\extension.

New features of VRay 5.0 for SketchUp:

1. V-RAY 5 introduces real-time rendering

Real-time visual design content

Now, with V-Ray Vision* you can visualize your design in SketchUp in real time. Walk through the model, add materials, set up lights and cameras—all in real-time images of the scene. When you are ready to render a photo-level picture, V-Ray is always ready.

With V-Ray Vision you can:

Explore your design in real time

Generate pictures from multiple camera angles

Create 360 ​​panoramic pictures

Real-time rendering animation

2. Beyond traditional rendering

Complete the workflow in V-Ray

1. Lighting is so simple

Adjust the lighting of the scene after rendering. With Light Mix, after the scene is rendered, you can adjust the brightness and color of the light in real time without re-rendering.

2. Process the picture directly in V-RAY post

V-Ray 5 brings a new V-Ray frame buffer window. Built-in compositing function, you can adjust colors, combine rendering elements, save presets for later use-no additional software is required.

Three, save time

Optimize your workflow:

1. Use the best light to express your scene

Light Gen light generation is a brand new V-Ray tool that automatically generates a small sample map of SketchUp scenes, each with a different light preset. Choose your favorite result and click to render.

2. The new version of V-RAY standard material

V-Ray standard material includes built-in varnish and cloth gloss layer. The varnish layer can easily create materials with reflective layers such as varnished wood, and the cloth gloss layer can easily create silk cloth and velvet.

3. Improved material library

Browse and download a material library containing more than 500 preset materials, including metal, glass, wood, etc.

Four, release your creativity

Add realism to the design

V-Ray 5.0 for SketchUp Features:

V-Ray5 for Sketchup 2021 Features

1. Improved sun and sky model

Render your scene in prime time. The improved sun and sky models are more accurate, and sunrise and sunset are more beautiful, even if the sun is below the horizon.

2. Randomly increase realism

To create a more realistic material, we added random texture and color tools. VRayUVWRandomizer allows you to adjust the texture coordinates randomly, and Stochastic tiling automatically eliminates the sense of texture duplication.

3. Improved line draft rendering

The global line width control allows you to better control the line width and easily get the illustration effect.

4. Dirt and weathering

Use improved V-Ray dirt texture to add weathering effect to SketchUp model. Add the effect of dirty marks anywhere-corners or the entire surface.

Five, and more

1. V-RAY core

Optimized V-Ray core code and improved V-Ray GPU engine algorithm bring a faster and more stable rendering experience.

2. Brand new software architecture

Optimized V-Ray brings faster scene reading speed and scene export speed.

3. New API technical support documents

For developers who want to associate V-Ray for SketchUp, we have added a complete API official help document.

VRay 5.0 for SketchUp Features 2:

1. Preview your plan design in real time.

Now you can easily preview your SketchUp design in real time. With V-Ray Vision*, you can visualize your SketchUp models in real time. Walk through the model, add materials, set up lights and cameras—all are real-time images of the scene.

2. Render the most realistic picture.

With real lights, cameras and materials, use V-Ray to render the most realistic pictures. For any project, you will see the most accurate renderings. This is the most realistic rendering you can see before the project is completed.

3. One step ahead in new projects.

V-Ray comes with hundreds of preset materials that can be applied to various scenarios, as well as rich video tutorials, free technical support, and forums. V-Ray has one of the largest rendering user communities, with a wealth of related materials and tutorials.

4. V-Ray is a super helper of SketchUp.

V-Ray and SketchUp are the perfect team. SketchUp is the most widely used 3D modeling software for architecture and design in the world. V-Ray is the most used architectural rendering software in the world. The combination of the two will take your design to a new level.

Update log

Version 5.00.02

1. V-ray vision

Automatic mipmap generation is implemented for all bitmap textures. When viewing detailed textures from a distance, it optimizes rendering speed and eliminates ripple effects

Exceeding a specific light count limit no longer causes artifacts to appear on the screen

Now, all the default V-Ray material parameters are correctly set in Vision when the scene is loaded

Adjusting the size of the "Visual" window (making it smaller) no longer restricts the click area of ​​toolbar buttons

The scene of the spherical camera is no longer displayed with an extremely narrow field of view. Please note that the spherical camera settings in V-Ray will be ignored in Vision

Use half-float precision when exporting images to reduce memory consumption. This reduces the chance of visual breakdown when exporting high-resolution images

Mesh lights can now be disabled during a live session

Solved many problems with the "Orbital Mode" target

Improved appearance of procedural sky

2. Other improvements and bug fixes

Full support for SketchUp 2021

Now, V-Ray automatically optimizes the large .tx textures loaded in SketchUp models to keep the files small. Full pixel data is no longer stored as a texture buffer in the model. Instead, a lower resolution compressed representation is used. The original texture is only loaded during rendering

Solved the problem of "Single Light Blending Mode". Instances are no longer grouped together

SketchUp no longer crashes when introducing changes to the three-plane texture projection space during interactive rendering

Swarm uninstaller issue has been resolved

Introduced internal optimizations related to contour/cartoon effects. When global contour is disabled and the "contour" attribute is not used in the scene material, rendering time can be increased

Even if the "Texture Placement" type is set to "Mapping Source" and the source slot is empty, the default texture transformation and material scaling will be used

Solved many issues related to the "UVW placement randomization" option. Now, the "rendering ID", "node name", "node handle" modes can work normally

Light Gen no longer applies Dome light texture rotation values ​​that exceed 360 degrees

When a texture is connected to the slot and the texture is disabled, the roughness value is no longer considered as "glossiness"

After saving and reopening the project, the simple blend texture no longer disappears

Interactively rendered image sampling will no longer stop, otherwise the image will become noisy in some cases

Now, by default, each new slot added to the Multi-Sub texture will have a unique random color

The scene synchronization between SketchUp and V-Ray material editor has been optimized. Scenes with multiple materials now load faster

Non-Latin characters in OS usernames no longer prevent the download of material libraries and Light Gen assets

The notification animation of LightGen has been updated.

Dowload Files Pro :

PART01  **  PART02  **  PART03  **  PART04

Source: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/sketchup


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