Windows10 Pro Official 20H2 January 2022

 The windows10 20h2 system is the latest version of the win10 OFFICIAL system 2021. 

This version fixes the bugs and various compatibility issues in the previous version, and optimizes the system backend in all aspects, allowing users to get a better experience!

Windows 10 Pro Official 20H2 January 2021

Windows10 20h2 official version introduction:

Windows 10 Pro Official 20H2 January 2021 LOGO

The standard version number of Windows 10 (20H2) is Build 19619, which is the latest version released by Microsoft. However, this version does not contain any new content, mainly focusing on BUG repair and background performance optimization.

Windows10 20h2 mirroring features:

 Windows 10 Pro Official 20H2 January 2021 Activation

-Attack protection: powerful harassment and virus attack protection, so that you can avoid being harassed by some messy viruses on the network when using your computer.

-Internet security: better Internet security protection gameplay is waiting for you, don’t worry about computer poisoning when you surf the Internet.

-Safety tools: Various safety aids are waiting for you to use, through these functions you can quickly solve the problems on your computer.

-Photo management: interesting photo management gameplay, add a tag to your photos, so as to divide the same kind, make it easier and more convenient for you to find photo resources.

-Keep in sync: multi-terminal system gameplay is waiting for you to experience, we can synchronize computer data with mobile phones, tablets and other data.

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update content:

Windows 10 Pro Official 20H2 January 2021 Updates


-Solved the problem that WSL could not start with the "Element not found" error.

-Added a notice to Internet Explorer 11 to inform users that Adobe Flash support will be discontinued on 13 January 2021. For more information, see KB4581051.

-Enhanced the system's ability to detect when Microsoft edge IE mode stops responding.

-Fixed an issue that prevented the language bar from appearing when users log in to a new session in some cases. This can happen even if the language bar is configured correctly.

-Fixed the problem that the first East Asian character typed in the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) DataGrid cannot be recognized.

-Fixed an issue that prevented you from reconnecting to a previously closed session because the session was in an unrecoverable state.

-Fixed an issue that caused games that use spatial audio to stop working.

-Fixed an issue that prevents the deletion of outdated user profiles when the configuration profile clears Group Policy Objects (GPO).

-Fixed the following problem: In the Windows Hello enterprise internal deployment, the selection of "I forgot my password" from "Settings"> "Account"> "Login" option failed.

-Updated Fiji 2021 time zone information.

-Fixed an issue that affected the ability of Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor customer workloads.

-Fixed an issue that caused random line breaks when redirecting PowerShell console error output.

-Fixed the issue of using tracerpt to create an HTML report.

-Allow DeviceHealthMonitoring Cloud Service Plan (CSP) to run on Windows10 Business Edition and Windows10 Professional Edition.

-Fixed an issue that caused the content under HKLM \ Software \ Cryptography to not be retained during the Windows feature update process.

-Fixed the issue that caused access violation in lsass.exe when using the runas command to start the process in some cases.

-Fixed an issue where Windows Defender Application Control enforced the rule that only package family names should be audited.

-Fixed a display error which indicated that even if the PIN code was changed successfully, the smart card PIN code change was not successful.

-Fixed an issue that could create duplicate "external security principal" objects for authenticated users and interactive users in domain partitions. As a result, the configuration file (.cnf) of the original object is damaged. This problem occurs when you use the CriticalReplicationOnly flag to upgrade a new domain controller.

-Updated the configuration of Windows Hello Face recognition so that it can be used with a 940nm wavelength camera.

-Reduce the distortion and aberration of the Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted display (HMD).

-Ensure that the new Windows Mixed Reality HMD meets the minimum specifications and defaults to a 90Hz refresh rate.

-Fixed a problem that caused a stop error on the Hyper-V host when the virtual machine (VM) issued a specific small computer system interface (SCSI) command.

The Windows 10 October Update (20H2) has not changed much overall. This update is mainly focused on reducing bugs and improving system performance, bringing the Windows 10 Pro 20H2 files, the latest January 2021 update, upload them to use.

Features installed /enabled:

Windows 10 Pro Official 20H2 January 2021 Details

- Net 3.5
- Net 4.8
- Hyper-V
- Legacy Components
- Virtual Machine Platform
- Windows Sandbox
- Windows Subsystem for Linux
- Flash Player
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