Windows10 Pro Official NTASA/LTSC x64 Janaury 2022

Microsoft Windows is an Important Trusted Operating System, for your Windows Pc Computer Or laptop Or any other Console, With High-Security System and Performance Building System Files.

Windows10  Pro Official NTASA/LTSC 3in1 

Windows Details:

Windows 10 NTASA 3in1 January  x64 [19042.685 & 17763.1637] [EN]

Program version: 10.0.19042.685 [2009] [20H2]

Program version: 10.0.17763.1637 [1809]

Developer site : Microsoft Official.

Build author: AdGuard

Bit depth : 64bit

Interface language : English

Tabletka : Automatically(included)

Size: 8.9 GB.

Windows 10 Pro Official NTASA/LTSC installation

System requirements :

- 32/64-bit processor with a clock speed of 3 gigahertz (GHz) or higher.

- from 4 GB of random access memory (RAM).

- from 20 GB of hard disk space.

- DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver version 1.0 or later.

-Activated official.

Description and composition of editions :

64-bit OS Windows 10 [ SAC ] Corporate / Professional

64-bit OS Windows 10 [ LTSC ] Corporate LTSC

The distribution has three editions to choose from:

Corporate / Professional 19042.685

Corporate LTSC 17763.1637



Only Windows telemetry is disabled.

The standard component of .NET Framework 3.5 is included.

Automatic activation three minutes after the SECOND loading of the desktop.

No other changes were made, and no third-party software is available.

NTASA - no telemetry, auto system activations

Images are not intended for installation from under the installed OS, only from under the BIOS.

Images have traditionally not been in audit mode.

Before installation, make sure the installed RAM is of good quality with memtest.

To avoid the appearance of anomalies, use the Rufus program to write the image to a flash drive.

The assembly is based on:

Windows10 Pro NTASA/LTSC Official ACTIVATED



Minimized the number of installer questions, autounattend.xml and its modest capabilities

The system is put according to the file of automatic answers to the installer's questions, otherwise, they no longer think in the form of a T-shirt without telemetry.

At the beginning of the installation, you need to select the OS edition and partition the disk. (do not leave old partitions on the system disk)

One user profile "Professional" with administrator rights is created in the system, the time region is Russia GMT +3: 00.

Autounattend creates one "Professional" admin profile (default)


<TimeZone> UTC +3: 00 </TimeZone> - Time zone

<CommandLine> cmd / C wmic useraccount where "name = 'Professional'" set PasswordExpires = false </CommandLine> Do not limit password lifetime for user 'Professional'

About automatic activation:

The systems are activated automatically three minutes after the SECOND desktop boot.​

For "Corporate / Professional" editions, the HWID activation type is used, which is based on obtaining a digital license from jerseys.

Accordingly, it is necessary to ensure the availability of the Internet at the time of the second loading of the desktop, otherwise, the system will be in the "activation notification" mode before connecting to the Internet.

For the "Corporate LTSC" edition, activation by the KMS38 method until 2038 is used, this method does not need the presence of the Internet.

Password creation:

Run lusrmgr.msc on the command line. Next, open -> Users> on the right, and local user profiles of the computer will be listed by name.​

On the desired username, right-click> set password. It is also convenient to create a new user here, if necessary.

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