Adobe Master Collection February2021

 The Adobe Family Master Collection 2021 software is an integrated software, mainly the types and versions of graphics and image processing software. At the same time, the correlation between the software of this company’s software is quite strong. 

Adobe Master Collection February2021 

If you are looking for resources on the Internet, downloading, and localizing are very time-consuming. For users who need to install multiple software at the same time, the time taken to find resources and install... this set of procedures is quite desperate. 

The Adobe Family Master Collection 2021 full version brought by the editor today is a software that helps everyone integrate these resources. Popular software like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, etc. do not need to go online to find resources one by one, use this directly The collection package can be downloaded and installed with one click. At the same time, the software also comes with various full activation authorization files, which saves users the time to find the corresponding version of the crack file. After the download and installation are completed, it can be used for free. 

This integrated software uses It is an exclusive package technology, all software has removed the automatic update component, users can use it for free forever after one installation, and friends in need can download the experience directly from this site. 

Adobe Master Collection 2021 Full Imprint:

1. This version adopts the latest official full version for packaging production and integration of full authorization activation files.

2. The cracking method of this version is to integrate the original amlib.dll information into the main program.

Note: Open the installation directory if it flashes back. For example, if you find Photoshop_Original.exe, double-click to open the login ID, and then find Photoshop.exe to open it, it will not crash.


1. Common problem:

1. Question: Why can't I install it on my Windows 10 system, and the installation fails?

Answer: If the installation fails, please check your system architecture. The CC series only supports x64-bit operating systems.

2. Q: It prompts that the installation is complete, some items of the following products cannot be successfully installed?

Answer: This problem has also been tested. It should be a problem with my own system. The installation of the physical machine is unsuccessful, and the installation of the virtual machine is successful. So this is because of the problem of my own computer. It is estimated that the solution is only "reinstall the system". This is the simplest, and you don't want to reinstall the system, but you can use it in a virtual machine.

2. Common problem

1. Photoshop (Ps): image processing software. Graphic image processing software integrating image scanning, editing and modification, image production, advertising creativity, image input and output, is deeply loved by graphic designers and computer art lovers.

2. Flash (Fl): Two-dimensional animation production software. The vector animation file format that is widely used in Internet web pages. Using vector calculations, the generated videos occupy less storage space. The videos created using Flash have their own special file format (swf), 97% of the world's networks The browser has a built-in Flash player (Flash? Player). It is the realization platform of the "Rich Internet Application" (RIA) concept proposed by Macromedia. Usually included for designing and editing Flash documents.

3. Dreamweaver (Dw): web design software. A well-known website development tool originally developed by Macromedia. It uses a WYSIWYG interface and also has HTML editing functions. It now has versions for Mac and Windows systems. Since the MX version, Dreamweaver has used Opera's typesetting engine? "Presto"? as a web page preview.

4. Illustrator (Ai): Vector graphics drawing software. It was originally a vector graphics editing software produced by Macromedia, which was later added to the creative suite. It is an industry-standard graphics software for publishing, multimedia, and online graphics industries.

5. Acrobat: used to edit and read PDF format documents. Based on this, Adobe introduced the PDF electronic document format.

6. Indesign (ID): A desktop publishing software, mainly used for comprehensive layout design. Used in the field of book publishing, the scope of application can also involve various designs of layouts. It is the foundation of dynamic publishing in print and digital media.

7. Fireworks (FW): Used for web page image editing and optimization. You can use it to create and edit bitmaps, and vector graphics, and can also be used to make flipped images, drop-down menus and other common effects in web design.

8. Reader: Used to read PDF document format. It is the best software to browse PDF files, it supports a multi-finger zoom function, and it supports opening PDF file update log directly from email or webpage.

9. Premiere? Pro (Pr): Premiere is a commonly used video editing software, currently this software is widely used in advertising production and TV program production. It is non-linear editing software in the true sense and can be previewed in real-time.

10. Contribute (Ct): Web design management tool. Maintain the integrity of the website by integrating with Dreamweaver.

11. After Effects (AE): Professional non-linear special effects synthesis software. It is a flexible layer-based 2D and 3D post-compositing software, including hundreds of special effects and preset animation effects, in image synthesis, animation, visual effects, non-linear editing, design animation samples, multimedia and web animation Extremely powerful function.

12. Lightroom (Lr): It is a graphics tool focusing on post-production. It is for professionals and high-end users such as digital photography and graphic design. It supports various RAW images and is mainly used for browsing, editing, and organizing digital photos. , Printing, etc. This product is designed to provide digital photographers with an effective and powerful way to import, select, process, output, print and display huge digital images.

13. Audition (Au): is a professional audio editing and mixing environment. Audition is designed for audio and video professionals working in photo studios, broadcasting equipment and post-production equipment. It can provide advanced audio mixing, editing, control and Effect processing functions. ? Mix up to 128 channels, edit a single audio file, create loops, and use more than 45 digital signal processing effects.

Download File:

Download Adobe Master Collection 2021 Full Free Single File Update:

February 2021 All Adobe CC 2021 Programme Set: 25.1 Giga.
Operating System: Windows 7 / 8.1 / Windows 10 (64 Bit Only)
Developer: Adobe

Status: Tested

Program in Adobe Master Collection 2021

Adobe Master Collection 2021 v11.0

Download section 1 - 4 GB

Download Part 2 - 4 GB

Download Section 3 - 4 GB

Download section 4 - 4 GB

Download section 5 - 4 GB

Download Section 6 - 2.38 GB

File password (s):


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