Android 12 Plans To add one-handed Mode

 In recent years, smartphone screens have become larger and larger, making it more inconvenient for users to operate the phone with one hand. To solve this problem, a practical one-handed mode has become an important issue. Some foreign media pointed out that in order to make large-size mobile phones easier to operate, Android 12 may introduce a special "one-handed mode" that can reduce the screen content of mobile phones.

Android 12 Smartphones

According to foreign media 9to5Google, Google is likely to add a dedicated one-handed mode for the first time in Android 12. Although the one-handed mode is not a trendy feature, it may be similar to the general large-screen mobile phone, which reduces the entire screen to a range that can be operated by one hand. However, if Android 12 adds this function, there will be no mobile phones with a built-in one-handed mode in the future. 

The one-handed mode can also be used by updating Android 12, which is still very useful for many Android users.

Foreign media also pointed out that it may be easier to exit Android 12 one-handed mode. Users can exit the one-handed mode by simply tapping on the periphery of the reduced screen or using simple gestures. In addition, Android 12 one-handed mode can also set a deadline, and the phone can automatically exit the one-handed mode after the deadline.

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