Apple is Testing an iPhone without bangs

 There have been a lot of news about the iPhone recently. One of them said that Apple is currently testing a prototype without bangs. The whistleblower said that it is impossible to determine whether this iPhone without bangs is the iPhone 13, but based on other revelations, this iPhone may be far away from consumers.

iPhone 13 Imagination Design

The current news is that Apple has not finalized whether to adopt this design. So it is foreseeable that the iPhone 12s, the protagonist of Apple's new product launch event this year, is likely to still adopt the notch design, but the notch may be shorter.

IPhone without bangs:

The whistleblower predicts that if this prototype can successfully become the iPhone of the future, then everyone may meet with you in 2022, which is the iPhone 13. At the same time, some whistleblowers said that the iPhone 12s is likely to use under-screen fingerprint technology. It seems that this technology is more like an iPhone without bangs.

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