Best 3 Smartphones for February2021

 Because of well-known reasons, Huawei and Xiaomi and Other Chinese Companies had to give up a lot of mobile phone market shares. In order to compete for this piece of fat, major manufacturers have also worked hard. Only beginning in 2021, there will be a large wave of new Smartphones on the road. However, most of them are flagships, and the prices are above 450$.

If you want to buy a good phone for around 300$, you have to look at the old models, mainly the sub-flagship equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 1000+. Old Q sorted out, these 3 mobile phones are worth seeing! and Best Choice for you in this Month.!

So this is the best 3 smartphones for this new Month Februay!

1.Realme X7 Pro:

Realme X7 Pro Cameras

Realme X7 Pro has a good reputation, and there are 3 points where the response is better-

First, the appearance is high enough and light enough. The realme X7 Pro uses AG frosted glass to polish the back cover. The large version of the slogan on the back looks very personal and in line with the taste of young people. The weight of the whole machine is about 184g, which puts less pressure on the little finger.

Realme X7 Pro Screen

The second is a good screen. The front is equipped with an AMOLED display that supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which is of high quality. It is very comfortable to use with 1200nit peak brightness, 600W high contrast, and 4096-level light perception adjustment.

The third is very fast charging. Realme X7 Pro inherited the "daddy" OPPO's fast charge stunts, equipped with 65W super fast charge, "Half of the battery can be recovered by drinking a glass of water, and it can be fully charged in about 30 minutes" speed is simply not too cool.

On the whole, the realme X7 Pro (8G+128G), which is priced at 340$, is very good. I personally think it is an absolute authentic machine in this price range.

2. Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition:

Redmi K20 Cameras

There is a saying that the general configuration of the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition and the realme X7 Pro are similar. Both are equipped with Dimensity 1000+ SoC, and both use the 120Hz high refresh screen. The 8G+128G version is also 330$. Coupled with Redmi's deeply rooted impression of "cost-effectiveness", it is also a "real fragrance machine".

Redmi K20 Screen

It has 3 highlights-One is that the real full screen looks good. There is no digging, no bangs, and the look and feel of a whole screen is really good. However, it also has the common problem of a "true full-screen mobile phone", which is a bit heavy and easy to accumulate dust on the lifting structure.

The second is a good photo. Its telephoto macro lens is the highlight.

The third is that the details are good. NFC, infrared, dual speakers, linear motors, etc., all available.

Compared with the realme X7 Pro, the disadvantage of the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition is that the charging speed of the 33W charging head is relatively slow. In addition, because it is really fragrant, you still need to make an appointment to buy it. This is why the old Q put it in the second place.

3.iQOO Z1


Speaking of cost-effective models, how can you miss the iQOO that is in the limelight? At around 300$, iQOO Z1 is also a model worth considering.

The processor of the iQOO Z1 is the same as the previous two models, all of which are Dimensity 1000+. The difference is that it additionally adds liquid cooling and performs better than the previous two models.

The screen of iQOO Z1 is different from the previous two models. Instead of using AMOLED, it uses a 144Hz high refresh rate LCD screen. The color performance is naturally not as good as AMOLED, but it is more eye-friendly.

The camera of iQOO Z1 is much worse than the previous two models. The 48-megapixel rear three-camera does not hinder the scanning of codes, but if you want to use it to shoot good movies, there is still a little gap.

iQOO Z1 Screen

iQOO Z1 has a built-in 4500mAh battery, which supports 44W fast charging between the previous two models, which is quite satisfactory.

On the whole, the iQOO Z1 (8G+128G) with a price of 300$ is more fragrant, but it is more suitable for performance-oriented target groups, not as balanced as the previous two models.

Tell me what is your Favourite Smartphone now? 

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