How to Activate Office2019?

 In the daily office, the most used office software is Office. As Microsoft's core office tool, Office has many functions, including more than a dozen commonly used suites such as Word, Excel, and PPT. It has penetrated into all aspects of the office field and has become the big brother of office tools.


How to activate Office2019:

Starting from the 2016 version, the Office interface has also begun to adopt a flat style, and the animation effects provided are really eye-catching, and it is more comfortable and pleasant in the process of cooking.

After the user purchases a new notebook, you can check the exterior paper, or consult the dealer if there is a bonus Office activation. If not, you can only buy the whole set of Office worth 29$.


However, many users are reluctant to give up this ruthless hand. Although it is a full-featured office suite, the price will dissuade many users, so they are racking their brains to find methods to activate it.

Naturally, many "private remedies" have emerged on the Internet, but sometimes it may be just a gimmick, and it takes a lot of time to operate.

If your computer comes with a free Office, then you need to open the computer's properties interface to see if the computer prompts that windows is activated. If so, then you must ensure that the system has been activated for more than 2 hours.

Officially activate Office:

1. Open any software in Office and start to log in. If you don't have an account at this time, you need to create an account first before you can proceed.

2. After logging in as prompted, start to activate. After completing the relevant settings, find "Update Now" in the update options to operate.

3. After completing the operation, you can check whether the activation is successful. If it still shows that it needs to be activated, perform the "Update Now" operation again, and finally check again.

Under normal circumstances, the Office activation process is over.

However, sometimes the activation fails due to some misoperations, and a message such as the need to purchase Office to be credited or that there is no product under the account appears.

Don't panic at this time. First, make sure that only one Office is installed on the computer and the activation area is mainland China. Second, use Microsoft tools to repair and restart, open any Office, log in to your account and activate it.

In fact, as long as there is no error in your operation, you can activate successfully under normal circumstances. If it still doesn't work, you can choose to reset the computer, and then follow the above steps to operate again!


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