Huawei P50Pro Review

 At present, there are many concept renderings for mobile phones, and there are all kinds of them. Everyone must have seen a lot of mobile phone concept renderings of major mobile phone brands. 

Huawei P50Pro

At present, the main mobile phone concept renderings are still concentrated in Huawei, Apple, and Samsung. Wait for the mobile phone, because these mobile phone brands are big manufacturers, so whenever there are new product releases, they are very much concerned by the outside world, so more conceptual renderings will be produced. 

.In fact, there are many concept renderings released, and manufacturers are testing the reaction of consumers. If a certain concept rendering is very popular, then the mobile phone manufacturer is likely to follow the design of the concept rendering. Today I bring you a conceptual rendering of Huawei P50Pro. In this set of conceptual renderings, the exterior design of Huawei P50Pro is unique.

In the concept rendering of Huawei P50Pro, it should be said that the exterior design has undergone great changes. The first is the design of the screen part, which makes people shine. The front screen design of the traditional Huawei mobile phone uses the pill screen design, but in this set of conceptual renderings, the screen part of the Huawei P50Pro has abandoned the pill screen, and instead uses the screen double punching and simultaneous positioning. Was transferred to the middle of the screen.

Huawei P50Pro Back

The pill screen originally existed for the placement of front-facing cameras and face recognition and unlocking modules, while the double-hole design of the screen eliminated the redundant parts in the pill screen. Huawei P50Pro directly adopts the design concept of double punching with the front camera and face recognition unlocking modules, and the position is in the middle of the screen. What do you think of this design? In reverse, I think the design of Huawei P50Pro's dual front cameras and face recognition unlocking module is pretty good.

As for the design of the body, Huawei P50Pro uses a square lens module. Although the square lens module has been retained, the internal design of the lens module has undergone major changes. 

The lens module of Huawei P50Pro contains five cameras, and these five cameras include a large-size camera and the remaining four small-size cameras. And the camera of Huawei P50Pro is divided into two areas, the upper part is divided into three, and the lower part is divided into two. In addition, the lens module of Huawei P50Pro is also marked with 220MP, indicating that the parameters of the main lens of Huawei P50Pro have reached 220 million pixels.

Huawei P50Pro Screen

Of course, the Huawei P50Pro not only has higher hardware parameters for the camera, but the five cameras have also been certified by Zeiss. Before, Huawei has always cooperated with Leica lenses. In the concept rendering of Huawei P50Pro, foreign media has carried out a redesign. , The rear lens of Huawei P50Pro is adopted and certified by Zeiss. In fact, Zeiss lens is not bad compared to Leica lens, so Huawei P50Pro is still a good phone for taking pictures.

What do you think the hardware parameters of Huawei P50Pro will look like? At present, if nothing goes wrong, it is more likely that Huawei P50Pro will be equipped with Kirin 9000 chips. There are rumors that Huawei has reserved a part of Kirin 9000 chips for Huawei P50Pro to ensure the smooth release of Huawei P50Pro. However, the final quantity is really unknown, but as a result of my knowledge, Huawei P50Pro will inevitably increase in price when it is listed, because things are rare and expensive!

The design of Huawei P50Pro in the concept rendering, I think it should be said to be quite beautiful, and if there is the support of the Kirin 9000 chip, there should be no worries about sales. Are you looking forward to the Huawei P50Pro?

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