Icecream Video Editor 2.35

 Icecream Video Editor is a free video editing software,  it's  a very good easy to use video editing processing aids, and very powerful and comprehensive, easy to use, and can help users edit video files more easily and conveniently. 

 Icecream Video Editor 2.35


  The [top left] area is used to display various added materials. Video, audio, and picture files are displayed here after they are added through the buttons. These files can be filtered or the display view can be changed through the buttons above.

  The [top right] area is used to preview from time to time. After you edit the video, you can see the actual effect by clicking the play button at the bottom of the screen here.

  The whole block below] is the timeline function in similar software, which is the timeline area. When videos, audios, and pictures are added to the timeline, they will be displayed here. After the addition is complete, you can Sort, cut, and mix these materials according to your ideas.

  At the top of the timeline area are various functions that will be used in video editing. When you select a video, audio or picture material that has been added in the timeline, the related functions will be displayed through the icon and simple English The text is easy to guess the specific use, such as:

  [General] You can adjust the brightness, saturation, hue, and playback speed of the video, and you can also rotate or flip the video.

  The volume can be adjusted in [audio].

  [Trim] is the cutting function, which can remove unnecessary parts of video and audio materials.

  [Crop] is the screen cropping function, you can display only part of the screen while maintaining the aspect ratio.

  [Text] is used to add text content to the video.

  [Filters] Used to add various special effect filters to the video.

  Everything has been processed, and the preview has reached what you want. Click [export video] in the upper right corner of the software interface to convert the processed content into a video. The converted video is completely original. Add anything extra.

  If you often do video editing, then I believe that the free and easy-to-use Icecream Video Editor is definitely a good helper.

Software features:

  1. Icecream Video Editor has simple functions and can help users quickly edit videos.

  2. The software does not have many functions, suitable for friends who need simple video processing.

  3. The software supports adding background music, and you can load dubbing for the current video in the software.

  4. Support text adding function, you can add new text content directly in the software.

  5. You can add the watermark text that needs to be edited to the video or picture.

  6. It also supports playback speed setting, you can add a new speed to the current video.

  7. Support rotation function, the picture you add can be set to rotate.

  8. It also supports video quality adjustment, setting high-quality output mode in the software.

  9. Support multiple saving methods, which can be directly saved as video.

  10. You can upload videos to Drive.

  11. Support custom audio: adjust volume, add effects, fade in, fade out and more!




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