iPhone13 New Screen display & Camera2022

 A few days ago, the news about the iPhone 13 suddenly increased. The most powerful one was the foreign big V Max Weinbach. He revealed more details about the iPhone 13.

 Last year, the news about the iPhone 12 released by this person was also very powerful. All were verified at Apple's autumn conference. Now, let's take a look!

1. Interest screen display + LTPO display:

iPhone 13 New Design

According to Weinbach, the iPhone 13 series will support an off-screen display function, where the clock and battery charging are always visible, and past notifications are displayed through "bars and icons."

This has been shown on many Android flagships equipped with OLED displays. After the iPhone 12 series switched to OLED retina displays, similar news came out, but it has not yet been implemented. It may be applied to the iPhone 13 series. Promote it on the full range of iPhones!

iPhone 13 Design

iPhone 13 will also use Samsung's 120Hz LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) display. However, the 120Hz high refresh rate will only be reflected in the Pro series, while the standard version is still the normal refresh rate.

In addition, the design of the iPhone 13 series is not very different from that of the iPhone 12.

2. Larger sensor + astrophotography:

iPhone 13 New Camera Design

According to Weinbach, the iPhone 13 series will be replaced with a larger sensor to further enhance the iPhone’s mobile photography capabilities. Moreover, when the major Android flagships show off their “shooting the moon” stunt, Apple is not immune to astrophotography. Reinforced research and development, and with related results, will be applied to the iPhone 13 series.

iPhone 13 Camera Imagination

It is reported that the astrophotography mode of the iPhone 13 will be able to automatically recognize the night sky and automatically switch to the corresponding mode, intelligently adjust the exposure and other parameters according to the detected moon and stars, so as to facilitate users to take the photos they want.

3. Fingerprint recognition under the screen + enhanced version of MagSafe:

iPhone 13 Screen Touch

According to Weinbach, the iPhone 13 series will reintroduce Touch ID, but this Touch ID is not that Touch ID. The new version of Touch ID will place the fingerprint recognition sensor under the screen, which is the common off-screen fingerprint recognition of the current Android flagship.

It is said that Apple introduced this module because of the current new crown epidemic, people have to wear masks, and it will provide an unlocking method other than Face ID.

Apple Fast Charge

The Magsafe introduced in the iPhone 12 series is quite eye-catching. It allows users to connect different accessories through magnetic attraction and provides another way to charge the phone. However, its weak magnetic attraction has been complained by a small number of users. It is said that Apple may use a newer one. Magnet material to enhance Magsafe function.

Apple iPhone Design

As far as the news is concerned, if the iPhone 13 can really obtain the above details, coupled with a stronger bionic chip and a stronger camera module, it is appropriate to achieve the effect of "12 not fragrant, thirteen fragrant". What do you think of it?

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