iPhone13 Pro Max Review

 Apple’s industrial design 2021 capabilities are obvious to all, so whenever a new Apple mobile phone is released, the outside world always shows great attention. 


In fact, with Apple's current industrial design capabilities, it should be stress-free to design the appearance of mobile phones into various shapes. However, it seems that there are always a lot of fruit fans who do not agree with the appearance of Apple mobile phones when major changes occur. Every time Apple has a subversive design, there will always be fruit fans who jump out to criticize. Foreign media has produced a set of completely different iPhone13ProMax concept maps. It is estimated that after the release of this set of concept maps, there will be a lot of fruit powder.

iPhone13ProMax Design

The first design that is expected to be sprayed is that the notch of iPhone13ProMax has undergone a major change. The notch of iPhone13ProMax has not been cancelled, but moved from the middle position to the right side of the fuselage, from the middle of the screen.

 The bangs became a partial bang design on the right. Although it is designed with partial bangs, the front camera and face recognition unlocking module of iPhone13ProMax are still there.

It seems that the position of Liu Haiping has been moved a little to the right, but the hardware design inside the fuselage has undergone a major change. Because of the seemingly small movements, the iPhone 13 ProMax needs to reset the internal hardware parameters. Layout, so the internal hardware changes are great. But I think the bangs design of iPhone13ProMax is more beautiful than the bangs in the middle of the screen. In addition, Liu Haiping retained, indicating that the iPhone 13 ProMax will not have under-screen fingerprint recognition. This is estimated to be a luxury.

In terms of the appearance of the fuselage, the iPhone13ProMax should be said to have a little meaning. Look at the two-color distinction of the iPhone13ProMax fuselage in terms of color. Is it the same as the design concept of the first-generation iPhone fuselage double color matching , It’s just that iPhone13ProMax is a design scheme that uses double color matching to distinguish between left and right. This double color design is estimated to be the second design of fruit powder spray.

The third design that fruit powder is expected to be sprayed is most likely the rear four cameras on the iPhone 13 ProMax body. The rear four cameras of iPhone13ProMax are designed in the black area with dual color matching. At the same time, the size of the four cameras is also the same. The four circular cameras surround the flash in the middle, which can be said to have a completely different appearance. It looks very beautiful. As for the hardware parameters of the rear camera of the iPhone13ProMax, I can't predict it at the moment. For the time being, let's look at it based on a 12-megapixel lens.

iPhone13ProMax Camera

The internal parameters of the fuselage, iPhone13ProMax is not unexpected, it is more likely to be equipped with Apple A15 chip. In fact, Apple’s current processor performance is very powerful, so the outside world is not very concerned about it, but the outside world is more concerned about the other designs of iPhone13ProMax, such as the speed of wireless charging, whether there is two-way wireless charging technology, and whether the battery capacity will increase, etc. . 

In fact, Apple has been pursuing an ultra-thin body. If the iPhone13ProMax still has an ultra-thin design, the battery capacity will certainly not increase.

iPhone13ProMax uses a dual-color-blocking body and a partial bangs design. Do you think the fruit powder will be sprayed with such a design? If iPhone13ProMax really follows this design, will you support and buy it?

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