iPhone13Pro Concept machine Design

 For this year's iPhone13Pro, what are your expectations? There are many rumors about this phone, but it is certain that it is time to make some changes in the design.

iPhone13Pro Concept machine Design

 For example, shorten the bangs, achieve a 120Hz refresh rate, and perhaps use the under-screen fingerprint unlocking function. However, the iPhone 13 Pro concept machine recently released by foreign media is surprising. It uses a rectangular parallelepiped body and the corners are not very rounded. Instead, it chose a 90-degree vertical design. The bangs have also been cancelled, the entire screen-to-body ratio has increased, and the rear mirror frame has also changed a lot. After reading it, I think the iPhone 12 can be sold. #iPhone13Pro#

iPhone13Pro Screen

The new iPhone released by Apple in the past few years has continued Liu Haiping. No matter how the size of the body changes, Liu Hai is still the most iconic design. But this time the iPhone 13 Pro not only canceled the bangs, but even the black borders on the chin and sides of the screen are almost completely disappeared. As you can see from the concept map, this iPhone13Pro has a super high screen-to-body ratio, but the body adopts a cuboid. In the past, the iPhone was designed to be quite sleek, but today's iPhone13Pro has designed the body in this way, forming a sharp contrast. The four corners are 90 degrees vertical, which is exactly a cuboid shape.

iPhone13Pro Screen

Canceling the bangs and adopting a cuboid shape, the design of this iPhone13Pro is very special. The screen size is 6.1 inches, supports 120Hz refresh rate, and is also equipped with a 1440P screen. It's just that the rumored under-screen fingerprint unlocking did not appear. Instead, the 3D face recognition and front single lens were designed under the screen. The speaker is also under-screen voice control technology, so it may not be as good as the iPhone 12 Pro in terms of sound effects. This iPhone13Pro maintains Apple's style in the overall design, with a simple and stylish appearance. But the screen-to-body ratio is so high, completely unexpected. It shows that iPhone13Pro has done quite well in details.

iPhone13Pro Camera

Today's Android phones add 3D Tof lens in order to improve the shooting effect of the phone. With the addition of a lidar scanner to the iPhone 12 Pro, the pixels of the three lenses have been increased to 12 million.

iPhone13Pro Refresh Screen

A new generation of in-depth integration technology coupled with smart HDR, let us see Apple's investment in camera, both algorithms and hardware are fully upgraded. After tasting the benefits of the lidar scanner, the iPhone13Pro redesigned the lens of the Yuba frame. The three lenses are still the same, but the lidar scanner is the same size as the lens, so it shows a symmetrical effect, which is the rumored one. Quadrupole lens. This design greatly improves the viewing degree of the body, while reducing the protruding part of the lens, which makes the frame more smooth. With the larger size of the lidar scanner, the focusing speed in night shooting will also be improved, and the algorithm helps the lens to quickly identify the subject in the dark light environment and take better photos.

In terms of processors, the A15 on the iPhone 13 Pro is also worth looking forward to. All are based on TSMC's 5nm process technology, but the number of transistors will be increased to 16 billion, more than Kirin 9000, so it will lead the Snapdragon and Samsung mobile processors in terms of AI operations. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh, and the wired charging interface is reserved, but fast charging still needs to be purchased, and the fast charging power will reach 30W.

This iPhone13Pro improves the shortcomings of the iPhone12 series of poor battery life and low appearance. The ultra-high screen-to-body ratio makes the iPhone13Pro look extremely stunning, and the quad-tube lens looks extremely practical. Dear friends, if Apple releases such a real iPhone 13 Pro, would you like to replace the iPhone 12 on your phone? Welcome everyone to express your views in the comment area!

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