iQOO7 OR Xiaomi Mi11 Who is The Best

 For those of you who want to switch phones in the New Year, I guess most of you are hovering between IQOO7 and Xiaomi 11.

IQOO7 and Xiaomi 11

Today, I will analyze how to choose based on the parameters and actual use experience and user feedback.

Below I summarize the basic parameter table of the two mobile phones.

Core configuration:

The same is the Snapdragon 888 processor. Although the running scores are high and low, they basically belong to the same score segment. The parameters are basically the same. Of course, it is precisely because the core configuration is similar that everyone is so entangled!

Appearance part:

In terms of size, the two phones are basically the same. The weight of the iQOO7 is heavier. The weight of the iQOO7 can be clearly felt when you get started.

In terms of feel, the four-curved screen of the Mi 11 has a rounder feel and a better grip. However, I prefer the flat screen iQOO7 if it feels like playing games on a horizontal screen.

Camera part:

In terms of shooting parameters, the main difference lies in Xiaomi's 100-megapixel main camera, while iQOO7's 48-megapixel main camera.

How about the image adjustment of the two phones actually?

Many students responded that the night view of Mi 11 is very vague. Let’s take a look at the night view of the two phones!

The main camera of iQOO7 has a large bottom, optical image stabilization, and two sub-cameras, which can still achieve true zoom function in night scene mode. Instead of using the main camera + algorithm to achieve, this is also the advantage of a solid practical lens!

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has a slightly faster imaging speed due to 100 million pixels and a powerful ISP during shooting, but there are still problems such as loss of details in the dark parts, poor focus and poor anti-shake during shooting.

Both phones do not have a periscope telephoto lens, which is a pity. However, the shooting capabilities of the two phones still meet the standards of 4000-level flagship phones, and daily shooting is still fine.

Game experience:

In terms of gaming experience, both phones are equipped with dual stereo speakers, both with 120Hz high refresh.

The difference is that the 2K high-resolution screen of Mi 11 really looks more comfortable. The iQOO7's dual linear motors, dual touch and double tap operation, make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

As the two Snapdragon 888 phones, everyone is generally concerned about their fever.

Let’s borrow the data of the Great God of Zhongguancun, the 30-minute original God and the 30-minute peace elite:

30 minutes Yuanshen: The average back of Xiaomi 11 is 44.1℃, and the average of iQOO7 back is 42.7℃.

30 minutes peace elite: Xiaomi 11 has an average of 43.4°C on the back and iQOO7 has an average of 40.9°C on the back.

The 4096mm2 soaking plate and 4K and liquid cooling of iQOO7 are better.

Overall, in terms of gaming experience, although the screen resolution of iQOO7 is not as good as that of Mi 11, it is better than Mi 11 with dual vibration motors and dual screen pressure sensitivity and heat dissipation performance.

Battery life:

There are many reasons why everyone is entangled in battery life. Xiaomi Mi 11 is equipped with a 4600mAh battery with 55W fast charging, and iQOO7 is equipped with 120W fast charging, but the battery capacity is only 4000mAh.

Take a look at the data from the Great God to see the power consumption of the two mobile phones for 3 hours and 5 hours of heavy use.

After 3 hours of use, Mi 11 remains 58% and iQOO7 remains 59%.

After 5 hours of use, 19% of Mi 11 remains and 6% of iQOO7 remains.

It can be seen that there is little difference in power failure between the two mobile phones in a short period of time, and it can be seen that the Mi 11 is more durable after heavy use for a long time.

Charging speed:

Mi 11: Charging power 55W, 15 minutes 43%, 30 minutes 74%, 45 minutes 94%.

iQOO7: Charging power 120W, 42% in 5 minutes, 70% in 10 minutes, 100% in 17 minutes.

The charging speed of iQOO7 is obviously crushing Xiaomi 11.

In terms of battery capacity, power consumption, and charging speed, both mobile phones will not last long for heavy daily use. Xiaomi Mi 11 will have a few more minutes, and the charging speed of iQOO7 can bring more than these few minutes. A sense of security, so in terms of battery life, the faster charging iQOO7 won.

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