MSI Motherboard Blue Screen Solution

The BIOS of some motherboards has set the hard disk mode, causing the computer to have a blue screen after reinstalling the system. A similar phenomenon can be solved by installing the following method.

How to solve the blue screen after the computer is reinstalled

1. Press the startup hotkey to enter the bios, usually f12, del or the like, you can search for the startup hotkey of your computer brand online.

2. Select settings to open.


3. Click Advanced on the right.


4. Click Integrated per ipherals.


5. At this time, you can see that the mode in our project is IDE Mode.


6. Next, we double-click IDE Mode and select AHCI in the pop-up window.


7. Then it has been changed to AHCI mode.


8. Just press f10 to save.

Editor's comment

The above is the solution to the blue screen of MSI motherboard after reinstalling the system Windows. 

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