Nokia 7610 Review

 Before the release of Apple mobile phones, Nokia mobile phones accounted for half of the mobile phone market. At that time, many consumers were Nokia fans, and they were called Nuo fans, and the number was much larger than fruit fans. 

Nokia 7610

In fact, Nokia's industrial design capabilities are much better than Apple's, but Nokia's failure to bet on the system directly led to the decline of the Nokia brand. If the Nokia 7610 of the year can be made according to the current technological capabilities again, what will the new Nokia 7610 look like? Let's take a look at the concept rendering of the new Nokia 7610, and what's the difference.

Nokia 7610 Back

Foreign media not only made the body of the new Nokia 7610 but also made the appearance of the outer box. It can be seen that the outer packaging box of the new Nokia 7610 uses a solid colour design. 

In addition to the logo, the word 7610 is also printed on the packaging box. As for the front screen design of the fuselage, the new Nokia 7610 uses the classic appearance of the lancet, and the screen is a direct-facing screen, while the front camera uses a screen single-hole design.

Nokia 7610 Design

The full-screen design of the new Nokia 7610 is a relatively mature technology in the design of the mobile phone industry, and it is also a mainstream design solution. So there is no need to worry about the screen material of the new Nokia 7610. 

High resolution and high refresh rate will be equipped, and fingerprint recognition and unlocking under the screen will also be supported. However, with the unique shape of the new Nokia 7610's lancet, what everyone needs to worry about is that after being damaged by external forces, the repair cost will be high.

For the body design of the new Nokia 7610, the glass body will support wireless charging technology, and an asymmetry line is designed on the body, on which two cameras are placed. 

The bottom left corner of the fuselage is designed with a very clear Nokia trademark, and the size is relatively large and exaggerated, and it does not mean low-key. I think the exaggerated appearance of the new Nokia 7610 is quite attractive, and the trademark of the previous Honor mobile phone is also very eye-catching.

Nokia 7610 body


Nokia mobile phones have cooperated with Zeiss lenses earlier and are equipped with 40 million pixels Zeiss lenses. The two cameras on the new Nokia 7610 will continue to cooperate with Zeiss lenses, so they will carry 40 million + 40 million pixels. 

The lens combination. Although there are only two cameras on the fuselage, the ability to take pictures should not be underestimated, because the camera capabilities of previous Nokia phones are very powerful.

Nokia 7610 Screen and Camera

The internal hardware of the new Nokia 7610 is currently unknown. However, according to the current mainstream flagship mobile phone selection plan, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the first choice, followed by MediaTek's Dimensity processor, other than the Kirin processor is unique to Huawei, and Apple's A-series chips cannot be shared. 

Nokia 7610 Box

And if the new Nokia 7610 wants to be sold as a top-level mobile phone, it is more likely to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, so the overall performance is guaranteed, so it will be more popular.

I like the overall appearance of the new Nokia 7610 very much, and if the performance can really achieve the Qualcomm processor, then once it goes on the market, it will inevitably sell again. Do you think the design of the new Nokia 7610 in the concept rendering meets your requirements?

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