OfficeTab Enterprise v14.00

 Office Tab Enterprise Registration Edition is an extension of the Microsoft Office office suite. The main function of Office Tab is to enable multi-window tabbed browsing in office 2013, office 2010, 2007, and 2003. (Currently supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

OfficeTab Enterprise Exel

Not only that, but Office Tab also supports custom label appearance, label display position, label closing method, and drag label position at will. You can even use Office as a browser.

OfficeTab main functions:

Rich label display position, which can be displayed on the top, bottom, left 
or right of the work area.
The colour of the tab bar can be customized.
WordTab and ExcelTab provide the label lock function 
(PPtTab is not supported), and the locked document cannot Save and close.

Independent OfficeTab set the centre, more convenient setting OfficeTab
 of each component features, beautiful appearance of the skin styles, there are 11 kinds can choose to hide the tab bar when set up as a single document can
middle-click or left click to specify the label specifies the label can close the
 document; Left-click double-click the blank space of the tab bar to add a 
blank document.

OfficeTab Enterprise Word

WordTab and ExcelTab support the tag drag and drop function
 (PPtTab is not supported)
. Use * on the tab to distinguish the changed documents.
 (PPtTab is not supported). 


The right-click menu provides some additional options Functions, such as 
close all, close inactive documents, etc.
Office Tab provides a switch for whether to display the tab bar, which is 
convenient for everyone to set.

Provides shortcut keys to switch labels whether to display 
(default is Win+Q, customizable)
Provides shortcut keys to switch labels Item 
(the default is Ctrl+Tab, which can be customized).

provides Alt+N shortcut keys to select the corresponding label item
Provides the ability to customize the label layout. Can choose to automatically compress and fixed three layouts, provides maximum width can be customized labels (automatic compression and layout) and a fixed width
 (fixed-width layout) the function provides the functionality to rename the document offers to open the document, the folder where the function
is ExcelTab and WordTab provide the function of opening the current /(document) in a new instance and creating a new workbook (document) in the new instance.

Update log:

1. Minor improvements in the style of the tab bar.
1. Fix the problem that cannot be completely rearranged
in Office 2013 and above 2. Fix the problem that the side-by-side comparison exit detection is inaccurate in Office 2013 and above Word
3. Fix the problem that the label bar on the Office button does not display in the 2007 version. Office
Tab 13.00
1. Multi-line label mode
2. Added shortcut settings for position, style, layout and font size on the ribbon.
1. The experience of using Office 2013 and above is greatly optimized, and the speed of switching, creating and closing documents is greatly improved.
2. The font settings are changed from the restart to take effect after being modified to the settings.
3. Tabs for PowerPoint 2013-16 adds tags Item shows whether the document is unsaved.
4. Other minor improvements.
1. Fix the problem that Tabs for PowerPoint causes the current label text to be blank in the reading mode of 2013 or above
2. Fix the size change of Tabs for Project in the 2007 version All the label items are blank
3. Other minor bug fixes

Office 2016 preview version

–? ​​Added support for Turkish, Hindi, Lithuanian and Ukrainian
–? ​​Added the function of automatically recording label colours
– Significantly optimized the experience of using Office 2013
–? ​​Fixed some bugs and optimizations Some language tips

Official website

Official download (14.00)

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