Prima Effects 2021

 Prima effects 2021 is a very advanced image processing software with many functions. Users only need to click once to upload the image to be processed, import the image and convert it into a cartoon sketch effect. 

Prima Effects 2021 Cover

It is easy to operate, fast to start, and novices can operate quickly. Because the official software is only in English, many users are not used to it, whether you need to edit or adjust the settings, you can improve your work efficiency.

 More than 150 kinds of cool photo effects are built in the software, The purpose of using this software is to add a variety of wonderful photo effects to your photos, make your photos more exciting instantly, and provide a variety of effects to choose from to help you perfectly edit local photos. 

Prima Effects 2021

In addition, the Prima effects  can also add texture backgrounds, borders, cartoon eyes, glasses and commonly used cartoon maps. Depending on the number of effects to be added to the picture, the conversion process may take some time.

 Each photo can change the original appearance, plus beautiful special effects, make the picture more distinctive, users can customize and add different effects, interested friends come to this site to download it.

Installation tutorial:

1. Download and unzip it on this site to get the source program.

2. Double-click to run "PrimaEffects_Setup.exe" to install the original program, select "English", and tick I agree to the license agreement.

Prima Effects 2021 installation Setup 1

Prima Effects 2021 installation Setup 2

3. Select the installation directory of Prima Effects software

3 Prima Effects 2021 installation Setup

4. Check to create a desktop shortcut

Prima Effects 2021 installation Setup 4

5. Wait patiently for the installation

Prima Effects 2021 installation Setup 5

6. The software installation is complete, do not run the software yet, exit the wizard

Prima Effects 2021 installation Setup 6

Prima effects 2021 Features:

Prima Effects 2021 after installation

1, can be photographed image into a cartoon effect

2, directly add a personal avatar to software you can select your favorite template

3, the software converts fast, a few seconds to convert an effect

4, the conversion can be completed in effect Software preview, re-select the effect if you are not satisfied

5. Provide texture setting function, add background texture to the current image

6. Frame effect setting function, add various excellent border styles in the software

7. Support eye setting, add new for the character Cartoon eyes, add comic type eyes

8. Support glasses addition function, you can also decorate glasses to your cartoon characters

Software advantage:

1. Use the software to enjoy fantastic cartoon effects:

1. Amazing cartoon effects!

2. Automatic conversion process!

3. It can be used without internet!

4. The maximum output image size is 4096px!

2. Now is the time to replace the avatar of the cookie section forum with your real cartoon:

1. You can let others know what you look like without sharing the actual photo, but your own cartoon.

2. You can make cartoons of your friends, pets, houses, neighbors, especially celebrities and politicians.

3. Cartoon will be the best gift for family and friends. You can also use them on cups and T-shirts.

4. Undoubtedly, the software is also very interesting and addictive. It is very easy to use and intuitive.

5. Since no manual drawing is required, excellent artistic skills are not required.

6. The software uses very innovative technology to execute the entire process.

7. First, it divides the image into solid color patterns similar to mosaics. After that, it converts the detailed information of the image into a cartoon format.

8. Since the effect can be used throughout the photo, the final result is always high quality.

9. Cartoon yourelf, without any watermark or logo!

3. With some concise custom features:

after a quick installation, the system will prompt you to add pictures to start using. This event also brings the effects, functions and options of the application. Therefore, in terms of driving, you can use the small menu to customize brightness, contrast and RGB. The app also has a zoom function, which can come in handy when adjusting these parameters.

4. App for people who like cartoons or such special effects:

Depending on the number of effects you want to add to the image, the conversion process may take some time. But then again, no one is really anxious when dealing with images and overall, this is not a big setback. 

All in all, it is an easy-to-use application that provides an effective way to add cartoon effects to images.

Software features:

1. The built-in effect:

software has built-in more than 79 artistic effects and 74 splash effects, which can make you even more icing on the cake when editing photos.

2. The automatic:

conversion process is 100% automatic. The converted effect can be previewed in the software. If you are not satisfied Re-select the effect.

3. Transparent output:

transparent PNG output format, the software conversion is fast, you can convert an effect in a few seconds to improve efficiency.

4. One-key generation:

software supports one-key generation of complex effects, and provides texture settings Function to add background texture to the current image.




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