Substance Painter 2021

 Substance Painter 2021 is a very popular 3D model mapping software that provides users with all the tools needed to build 3D materials, including particle brushes, which can simulate the falling of natural particles and the trajectory of particles to form textures; of course, it also includes Material Painting Material drawing.

Substance Painter 2021

You can draw all the materials at once, and at the same time you can add exquisite details in a few seconds, with a simple interface and various powerful functions, which can help users deal with daily work requirements very easily, greatly improving the user's office Efficiency can be said to be very consistent with the current game's texture production! This software is mainly to help users make 3D painting easier. 

It has two functions: particle drawing and material drawing. It supports importing custom shaders and creating your own channels for drawing. It also comes with many Sbsar formats. 

The texture pack can be used by simply adjusting the parameters, making it easier for you to make textures more in line with today's games. In terms of texture design and rendering, Substance Painter is the world's leading software.

 It provides drawing functions and 3D conversion functions that allow you to create a more relaxed working environment when processing models and colors, and can create the most realistic textures. 

Rendering effects can improve drawing efficiency and save time for processing details. It is very suitable for some game developers, animation, visual effects studio personnel, so that everyone can easily apply to 3A games, animation, movies and other fields, so that users can easily complete Own design goals!

Installation tutorial:

1. Download the installation package and unzip it, double-click to run Setup.exe to start the installation, tick I accept the agreement.

Substance Painter 2021 Setup installation 1

2. Select the software installation location, click Browser to change the installation path by yourself.

Substance Painter 2021 Setup installation 2

3. Choose whether to create a desktop shortcut.

Substance Painter 2021 Setup installation 3

4. Everything is ready , Click Install to start the installation.

Substance Painter 2021 Setup installation 4

5. The installation is in progress, please wait patiently for a while.

Substance Painter 2021 Setup installation 5

6. The installation is complete, uncheck the running software, and click Finish to exit the software installation wizard.

Substance Painter 2021 Setup installation 6

Application Highlights:

1. The powerful paint engine

uses smart brushes, projection tools and even particles to paint.

2. Smart materials/smart masks

wear, scratches and dust will adapt to your assets.

3. RTX accelerated bakers

use our GPU to accelerate the bakers, extract and bake any material from 3D objects in a few seconds.

4. The most advanced rendering.

Our real-time viewport combined with the NVIDIA Iray renderer can provide you with amazing previews and renderings.

5. Export to anything with

one click, and you can export to any game engine, platform or Renderer.

6. Multi-platform

optimized for PC, Mac and Linux.

7. VFX ready

UDIM support, Alembic, camera import, etc. Effortlessly handle the assets of movie quality.

8. An amazing community to

learn and share with passionate artists.


1. Textured 3D Assets:

With all the tools needed to construct 3D assets in one application, Substance Painter has smart materials, smart masks and integrated baker, as well as the most advanced real-time viewport.

2. Real-time 3D drawing:

1. Current 3D drawing habits.

If you have ever used Photoshop, this software will make you feel at home, make your skills go beyond 2D canvas, and expand your artistic possibilities.

2. Technology is to enhance your art:

You can use small bazaar materials to adjust to any object showing realistic wear; explore mask presets suitable for any shape, and paint with brushes that can be modified on the fly.

3. During immersive texture:

painting, the viewport will display all your artistic decisions in real time. Move assets as you want, undock the window to create the workspace that suits you best, and enjoy an immersive texture experience.

4. Try everything and lose nothing:

Substance Painter's workflow is non-destructive. You can try whatever you want, and if you don’t like the content you created, you can jump back to the previous stage. You can always find a way back.

3. Substances tailored for you:

1. Games

Whether you need to assemble rapid prototypes, enter independent projects or provide power for large-scale AAA production, Substance is a reference tool set for 3D materials.

2. Movie

Substance tool set is becoming an indispensable part of every movie creation. From commercials to feature films and TV shows, material tools and materials have been used by two Oscar winners to obtain the best special effects.

3. The design

makes your product visualization reach a new level of reality. Whether you need fast, iterative, inspiring tools and content, or a huge production engine, Substance is the leading tool set for 3D materials.

4. Fashion

makes your product visualization reach a new level of reality. By definition, material materials are cross-platform-explore material workflows and integrations in your favorite apps!

5. Architecture

As real-time architectural visualization is becoming a new immersive way of presenting projects, more and more architects and designers are using it.

6. Transportation

As real-time design including VR and AR has become a new immersive way of presenting projects, more and more artists are using it.

Fourth, the industry standard

Substance format can be used with all tools of 3D creation workflow.

Our team develops and maintains integration with all major 3D applications. Moreover, the substance format is an industry standard that can be read and used in every tool dedicated to 3D.

Commonly used shortcut keys:

1. Brush-related

black and white switching: X key (usually used when drawing a mask)

Draw parallel lines: Left click to draw a stroke as a starting point, then press Ctrl+Shift and hold, move the mouse to the direction Click the left button on the other end again; to draw a straight line, press Shift and hold.

Brush adjustment:

1. Rotate the brush: Ctrl+press the left button and move the mouse up and down

2. Brush flow: Ctrl+press the left button and move the mouse left and right

3. Brush size: Ctrl+press the right button and move the mouse left and right Mouse

two, display a

separate display mask:

Alt+left click on the mask (Alt+left click on the texture to switch to the texture)

quickly switch to other model textures:

Ctrl+Alt+right click to use another set of texture models

III. View

Alt +left Key: Rotate the view (with shift to capture the orthogonal angle)

Alt+Middle key: Pan the view

Alt+Right key: Zoom the view

Alt+Left key: After clicking on an object, the rotated view will be centered at the position just clicked as the axis

Shift+Left key: Rotate environment diagram

S+Right key: Rotate template

M+Left key: Translation template

R+Right key

F1: 3D and 2D display view

F2: 3D view

F3: 2D view

4. Other

C: Switch channel display (diffuse, height, rughness, metalic, etc.)

M : Display material

P: Eyedropper tool, suckable color and material

T: Can draw quick mask

I: Reverse quick mask

1: Brush

2: Eraser

3: Projection tool (can project images with transparent channels onto the model)

4: Use geometric elements (polygons, continuous surfaces, UV, etc.) as layers Mask

Ctrl+G: Create a new folder




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