The New MacBook Air 2021

 Obviously, for Apple, the Mac notebook series that have not come from home will all be replaced with M series processors, and further, desktop computers may also be this trend.

The New MacBook Air 2021

According to the latest report from foreign media, Apple is developing a "thinner and lighter" version of MacBook Air, which the company plans to release as early as the second half of this year or 2022. It will include Apple's MagSafe magnetic bonding charging technology and the company's self-developed next-generation version of the Mac processor, which is the M1 upgrade.

There are signs that the company is also considering building a larger version of the MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen, but there is not much news known so far. Apple officials also said that they would not comment on this rumor.

According to reports, the new 13-inch MacBook Air models will also have a pair of USB4 ports for connecting external devices and support SD card readers. The current MacBook Air was loaded with Apple’s M1 chip in November last year and is expected to remain in the company’s product line as an entry-level product.

Apple supply chain analyst Kuo previously stated that Apple will launch a new MacBook Air at some point in 2022, which suggests that there may not be an update in 2021. According to Kuo, the MacBook Air coming in 2022 will use mini-LED displays. This prediction has also been recognized by DigiTimes.

Now the question is, will Apple's self-developed 5nm GPU be released together?

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