Vivo S9 5G With MTK Dimensity 1100

 MediaTek released Dimensity 1100 and Dimensity 1200 this year. Both processors are designed with 6nm process technology. The combination of A78 and G77. 

Vivo S9 5G

Dimensity 1200 has been confirmed to be launched by Redmi, and Realme will follow closely. As for the Dimensity 1100, it was launched by Vivo, and from the news, although the Dimensity 1200 has better performance than Dimensity 1100, the power consumption control is not as good as Dimensity 1100.

The overall performance of the Dimensity 1100 is not weak. It has four 2.6GHz A78 cores and 9-core Mali-G77. The Antutu score is about 600,000 points, which is basically at the same level as the Snapdragon 865, and it also supports UFS3.1, and supports up to 144Hz refresh rate, in short, the performance is not weak, but the power consumption control is excellent.

Vivo S9 5G features

So for most people, if they are not very demanding for performance and require more battery life and performance balance, it is obvious that the Dimensity 1100 is more suitable, and this processor has been determined to be launched by Vivo, and the first model will be the Vivo S9 In March, the appearance of the Vivo S9 basically continued the design of the S7, with three rear cameras and big eyes, but the sides were tougher than those, and changed to a right-angle frame.

The Vivo S9 is still a 4400W front selfie. In addition, there will be an ultra-wide-angle lens that supports 4K video shooting, AF focusing. The overall parameters are not much different from that of the S7, but the Vivo S9 is likely to be the world's premiere with a front micro slit Soft light, which supports front fill light, and this fill light does not occupy much of the opening area, so it is obvious that this is specially prepared for users who like to take selfies, and you can take clear selfie photos at night.

Vivo S9 5G Camera

Of course, it can be seen from here that the Vivo S9 will still adopt the bangs design, and the bangs will be controlled to be very small. As for the appearance, although it looks like an outdated design, consumers are actually not so picky. , The under-screen technology is about to blow out, but Liu Haiping is still acceptable to many consumers. It is just a matter of habit.

As for the battery, the Vivo S9 will use a 4000mAh battery, plus a 33W wired fast charge, which means that this phone is thinner, with a thickness of 7.3mm and a weight of 168g. In fact, there is no need to worry too much in terms of battery life. Compared with Dimensity 1000+, 1100 is more power-efficient. In addition, the screen refresh rate of the Vivo S9 is still 90Hz, so I can't say how good battery life will be, but it will definitely not have a diabetes.

As for the system, it is undoubtedly the new Origin OS from Vivo. Buying a new machine has this benefit. You don’t have to wait for the system to update, but you can directly experience the new system. Of course, technologies like NFC, dual WiFi acceleration, and Beidou navigation. There is certainly no shortage.

In other words, compared with S7, S9 mainly has improved performance, and other aspects have not improved much. After all, it has been upgraded from Snapdragon 765G to Dimensity 1100, and its running score has increased from 320,000 to 600,000. The performance improvement is very obvious, even if it is For the game party, Dimensity 1100 can also be handled easily.

Dimensity 1100 also does not support LPDDR5 but will support UFS3.1. Of course, according to the barrel effect in the computer hardware system, the improvement of flash memory is definitely more obvious than the perception of memory improvement, and even if it supports LPDDR5, mobile phones The positioning model of the company may not be used, and the vivoS9 is still in the price range of 2500 to 3000.

The Dimensity 1100 may be MediaTek’s most outstanding processor this year. First of all, the 5nm Dimensity 2000 may not come until the end of the year, so this year is Dimensity 1200 and Dimensity 1100 chips, and Dimensity 1200 whether it is a CPU The GPU frequency is higher than Dimensity 1100, Dimensity 1200 directly uses 3GHz A78, and Dimensity 1100 is definitely better in terms of power consumption.

In addition to the Vivo S9, there will definitely be more models using the Dimensity 1100 in the future. Of course, the Vivo can be regarded as inheriting the genes of the small blue factory. It has polished the processors of Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek. Moreover, the division of ranks is becoming clearer and clearer, coupled with the cooperation with Zeiss, I feel that Vivo is likely to be the next domestic mobile phone brand to successfully enter the high-end market.

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