Xiaomi Launches Mi Cloud ID Photo

 I believe that ID photos must be something everyone will use, but to take ID photos is nothing more than going to a photo studio. Although there are various ID photo apps on the market, all of them can’t escape the charge.

 Mi Cloud ID Photo

However, Xiaolei discovered today that Xiaomi has launched a very conscientious ID photo applet. After experiencing it, he found that it is indeed free, simple, convenient and fast. It seems that Xiaomi has a real conscience this time!

This time the ID photo applet launched by Xiaomi can be used directly on WeChat without downloading. It is very convenient to use whenever you want!

And the function is very rich, not only supports a variety of sizes of ID photos but also can change a variety of background colours, the point is that it is also completely free, no watermark, no ads.

When we open the homepage of the applet, we can see that it provides a variety of ID photo specifications and supports custom sizes.

The "Regular Specifications" and "Visa" options also include the size of various ID photos, such as teacher qualification certificate, driver's license, social security card, medical insurance card, English level four and six, computer level examination, etc., and also The size of visas of various countries can meet the needs of all kinds of people.

I can only say that Xiaomi really has a wave of conscience this time. For such a useful thing, Xiao Lei must have searched it for you a long time ago. If you have a friend in need, you can reply to the "Lei Technology" public account.【Xiaomi】Get a small program, you can make ID photos with one click, and you don't have to spend money to go to the photo studio to take ID photos!

After we choose the size of the ID photo we need, we can take the photo directly or select the photo in the album!

Xiaomi Mark

Here, you can first use a third-party beauty tool to take a good photo and then process it again in this small program. After all, the photos taken directly may be "unbearable to look directly at".

After uploading the photo and choosing the background colour you need, you can save the watermark-free high-definition electronic ID photo to your mobile phone.

The whole process is also very convenient and fast. Of course, Xiao Lei still wants to remind everyone, pay attention to all the facial features when shooting, and finally stand in front of a solid colour background to take pictures, don't be overly beautiful!

Finally, if you like today’s content, remember to give me a "one-click, three-link" to Xiaolei. It took me a lot of effort to find this small program, all for your purse! So today’s sharing ends here! See you next time!!!

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