Xiaomi Phones You Should Buy in 2021

 Among the smart phone brands in recent years, Xiaomi is very popular in sales and word of mouth due to its touching hearts and kind prices, but not all Xiaomi phones are worth buying.

Smartphone in Hand

Among the many 5G products, these two thousand-yuan 5G models have the least shortcomings and are the most worthwhile. Do you know which ones are? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. The first Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G 100 million pixels Snapdragon 750G

Redmi Note 9 Pro

The outer packaging of Redmi Note 9 Pro this time is a sticker design,The sticker has some elements of Redmi mascot KINO and HOHO, as well as some product selling points, such as "108MP", "120Hz", "5G", the overall design It is more in line with the aesthetics of today's young people. Many colleagues around the editor will put all kinds of stickers on the Mac, and the Redmi Note 9 Pro package also comes with a set.

What I got was a mobile phone with a color scheme called "Huguang Autumn Color", with a gradient color scheme. After the gradual decline of the mobile phone circle trend, Redmi still insists on this style. Although this gradient color has been done very well (the plastic glass gradient of the previous two years, now it seems to be a spicy eye), but still not Look good.

The frame uses a plastic middle frame, which is easier to color than a metal middle frame, so you can see that the surrounding colors are all corresponding gradients.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Back

Thanks to the maturing process, although the frame is non-metallic, the texture is okay, but when you use your nails to slide across the middle frame, the soft touch from your fingertips tells you that this is plastic!

The glass back panel uses the same AG process as the Redmi K30S, and the overall texture is almost comparable to the PK of a 450$ mobile phone.

The rear camera is still the familiar shape of a washing bucket, a circular camera module, four cameras, and a flash on the left. Lu Benwei has also extended the doll design of the K30 universe to the Note series. Well, a good design is worth inheriting.

By the way, Redmi Note 9 Pro also has an extremely advanced 3.5mm headphone jack, infrared transmitter, NFC, dual speakers... For Mi Fan, the 250$ bucket machine has everything you want.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Camera

On the front, Xiaomi finally has a mobile phone with a mid-mounted hole digging. Personally, I think it looks better than the left and right digging holes. Looking at Samsung from the front, Xiaomi finally learned to be smart this time. There are good border controls on the left and right sides, and the chin is not too wide. The appearance of the Redmi Note series finally passed the pass line in my place.

In terms of screen quality, it is still the old problem of low-end LCD screens. The display brightness at the edge of the screen is uneven. For those who are used to seeing high-end screens, staring at the edge of the Redmi Note 9 Pro screen will cause some discomfort. The same is true for Redmi K30S, which is the last LCD screen of Redmi.

In terms of refresh rate, it supports an adaptive refresh rate of 30Hz-120Hz. Daily use is relatively smooth, but there is still a gap with the 120Hz Redmi K30 Ultra.

The sub-pixel arrangement of this LCD panel is revealed under the "microscope" of Redmi K30 Ultra. It is a standard RGB arrangement, like K30S, which looks like it was provided by Shenchao.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Sensor

Compared with OLED screens, LCD screens do not have the flicker caused by PWM dimming, which may also be the decisive advantage of current LCD screens; in addition, you don’t have to worry about lifespan and you can choose to never turn off the screen (a bit reluctant); third, it can provide more Multiple refresh rate gears, so as to deal with various dynamic images more flexibly.

However, today's LCD screen mobile phones are inferior to OLED in terms of brightness, contrast, and color, let alone on low-end phones, LCD has long been a slave.

The above is the unpacking of Redmi Note 9 Pro's autumn colors. Do you love this look?

2. Redmi 10X 5G smartphone:

Redmi 10X

Redmi 10X has a four-color curved body of deep sea blue, night purple, hazy moon gold, and star-dew white. It uses a 6.57-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080. The panel uses double-sided Corning fifth-generation Gorilla Glass. 

The screen supports HDR10+, the Mini waterdrop-shaped full screen enhances the touch sampling rate and supports screen fingerprint unlocking. 

The overall dimensions of the machine are 164mm×75mm×8.99mm, and the weight is 205g. It has a lighter and thinner feel and it also supports 3.5mm earphones.

The processor uses Dimensity 820, optimized by Redmi & MediaTek in-depth cooperation, using 7nm ARM Mail-G57 architecture, 4 large cores + 4 small cores, the highest frequency is 2.6GHz, and the Antutu running score can reach 41W. This 5G high-performance processor supports dual 5G standby, and two 5G cards can be switched intelligently at any time. 

The 180Hz touch sampling rate is particularly suitable for playing games, and it is worthy of a game cannon; UFS 2.1+Write Turbo flash memory sequential write speed is 489.6MB/s, and the built-in liquid cooling system suppresses the system heat. Built-in 4520mAh battery, supports 22.5W fast charge. The storage capacity is 6+64GB, 6+128GB, 8+128GB, 8+256GB optional. The large storage supports the coexistence of massive photos and videos and a large number of mobile games.

Redmi 10X Camera

Redmi Redmi 10X has a 48-megapixel ultra-clear triple-camera on the rear, including a 2cm super macro lens and a 119° super wide-angle lens, and the front is a 16-megapixel AI beauty camera. 

The 30x zoom supports smooth zooming from near to far to capture the distant scene clearly. OIS four-axis optical image stabilization can fully meet the needs of daily photography, and the clarity of moving objects is also guaranteed. The mobile phone camera supports 6 modes. 

You can take a movie-like shuttle crowd in a crowd of people, shoot a cyberpunk-style neon night, or a unique and creative light painting scene; shoot clouds and flowing water in an outdoor environment, facing the brilliant starry sky You can also shoot star trails in the night sky.

 The streamer camera doesn't require you to make complicated settings, and it can shoot large and colorful movies easily. Photos can also be embedded with AI watermarks and AI filters to generate personalized photos and send to Moments.

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