Apple Will Transfer production from China to India

 According to reports, Apple is preparing to transfer 10% of iPhone 12 production from China to India. It is said that the assembly partner Foxconn is preparing related production equipment. So far, Apple has been producing iPhone11 and iPhone XR in India but plans to introduce iPhone12 production to India.

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According to "Business Standards", the assembly partner Foxconn is preparing to start production of the model in India soon. It is said that a factory in Tamil Nadu will expand the production of its two other existing models. Another assembly partner, Pegatron, is also expected to participate in the production of the iPhone12 in India. However, Foxconn is expected to start producing iPhone 12 in India soon, and Pegatron may start producing iPhone 12 later in 2021. Whether Pegatron will join the production of the iPhone 12 is still questionable.

It is said that Apple is preparing to transfer 7% to 10% of its production capacity to India. Some iPhone12 will obviously be available for domestic sales, while the remaining iPhone12 will be used for export. This move is also considered to take advantage of the Indian government's "production-linked incentive plan", which will provide bonuses for investing in smartphone production in the country. Apple's assembly partners Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron have all signed up to participate in PLI.

Shifting part of its production to India may also be seen as Apple's attempt to diversify its supply chain and get rid of the China-centric situation. It was previously reported that Apple is working with assembly partners to produce iPad and MacBook in Vietnam.

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