Google Installer Huawei Special Edition2021

 Can Google Installer Huawei Special Edition 2021 work? This is an application software with no ads and no built-in. It provides the installation of Google Market and Google services to help you easily solve the problem that various games cannot be installed. You are no longer afraid of not being able to play other popular games, and account management is very convenient. Download it if you are interested!

Google Installer Huawei Special Edition2021

How to use Google Installer:

1. Download the apk installation file of Google Installer and install it on the phone

2. Open the installed Google installer and slide the slide bar to the right to install the Google framework and Google services

3. The mobile phone is installed with security software such as 360 Mobile Guardian, LBE Security Master, and if the function to prevent the software from being installed silently is set, you may be prompted whether to install it, all choose to allow it so that Google framework and Google services can be installed

4. After the installation is complete, restart the phone according to the prompts to complete the installation of the Google framework and Google services

5. After restarting the phone, the list of mobile phone programs will appear in the play store, click to open the play store and follow the prompts to enter the google settings

6. If you don’t have a Google account, you need to create a Google account. If you have a Google account, log in directly

7. Your phone needs to communicate with Google servers to set up an account. This process may take up to 5 minutes. Wait for this prompt to install

8. Your Google account has been associated with the phone, indicating that your Google framework and Google services are correctly installed, and your Google account is successfully logged in

9. Entering the play store again may prompt Google Play to agree to the terms, click OK. After successfully installing the Google framework and Google services, you can uninstall the Google installer

10. If you need to uninstall the Google framework and Google services, you need to install the Google installer to the phone again and slide the slide bar to the left to uninstall the Google framework and Google services

Introduction to Google Installer Huawei Special Edition 2021:

An indispensable game aid for the mobile game party. At present, many large-scale games need to be verified by Google.

With this, everything is solved, which is very convenient. Players playing Android games ported from abroad often need to verify Google services

Otherwise, it will flashback to the card screen, now with the Google installation artefact, you can directly install the Google three-piece suit with one click, perfectly verifying the Google account, and all kinds of games can be played!

Google Installer Huawei Special Edition 2021 Features

Convenient and easy-to-use Google installer, you can get Google without ROOT! One-click installation of Google framework, Google services, google play Google store, one-click login to Google account

Play games no longer flashback, no longer tangled with Google market. First of all, it supports the Google installer of Android 7.0 and 7.1 to detect the Google network situation and solve the Google problem in a comprehensive way.

ROOT uses GAPPS to install, it is natively available and adapts to a comprehensive GMS installer; ROOT-free is perfect for Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, OPPO, VIVO, Coolpad, 360 and many other domestic mobile phones, and the ROOT-free part is compatible with Samsung and Gionee. , MOTO.

Produced by GoPlay Studio, constantly adapting to models, if you find that Google services and google play cannot be used normally, remember to report it!


For specific model adaptation information, please pay attention to the adaptation instructions in the installer!

Highlights of Google Installer Huawei Special Edition 2021

1. The mobile phone lacks the Google market and Google services, and many large-scale boutique games cannot be accessed due to verification failures.

2. At this time you need it-Google Installer, one-click sliding to easily install Google Market and Google services, no longer have to worry about not being able to play large games without Google Market.

3. On this page, you can freely install the Google service framework, Google play store, and Google account management program.

4. Google account needs to add Gmail account by yourself, this is just account management. The software has no ads and no built-in!

Google Installer Huawei Special Edition 2021 Advantages

1. One-click installation:

Intelligent one-click installation of Google Service Framework, Google Crack Market and Google Account Management, Google's perfect three-piece set ensures the running of your Android games.

2. Crack the market:

One-click installation of the Google Electronic Market cracked by the foreign guS, with its own lucky cracker without verification function! Who is ChelpuS? I am the author of the lucky cracker! Reliable!

PS: The cracked market icon of MIUI machine friends shows that it is the original electronic market. This is a mandatory bug of the MIUI icon, but it does not affect the exemption of verification. The machine friends are not afraid! I strive to solve it as soon as possible!

3. Install Google Account Management:

Customized machines and domestic ROMs specifically for Chinese operators, so that your electronic market and Gmail can log in, just in Settings-Account-Add Account!

4. Intimate and intelligent:

Automatically judge according to the installed program of the model, avoid repeated installation, the native Google electronic market can even be upgraded to the cracked market with one click!

5. No ads, no built-in:

Quality and quantity, made with conscience, only for Android friends who love games!

Google Installer Huawei Special Edition 2021 Review

This is software that is convenient for users to play games, provides users with various service functions, and is compatible with multiple models of mobile phones.

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