How to Build Mi Cable To Unbrick your Phone

 How to make a homely engineering flash cable for a mi flash that can't unlock boot loader, brick, softbrick, hardbrick, hardbrick. It doesn't stick but the computer plugged in to see the device. To open Qualcomm Port 9008 for the chips xiaomi machine. Qualcomm snapdragon.

How to Build Mi Cable To Unbrick your Phone

Preliminary for mobile phone flash computer used should be windows 7 64 bit at least.

1. Install the mi pc suit program with the mi flash program, the latest version (or find it on this page)

2. After installing the program, restart the computer system.

These 3. steps are important to boot again. But this time, after the boot starts, press the f 8 button to keep windows in the safemode menu. Then, see the topic of ′′ disable driver signature enforcement ′′ Press enter for the booth. Twist into windows then wait for the next step.

For people who regret the usb type C cable, use a normal cable and find a converter to use.

Type-c Adapter

Use a charger of anything applied to a smartphone:

1. gradually cut the wire to see the wire. There are 4 wires inside (red, white, green, black). We will use only 2 lines, black lines (GND) and green (DATA+) Then gradually peel the wires to see the copper inside (don't let the wires break apart).

2. Turn off the mobile phone to turn off the charger cable that has been prepared to the computer while it's about to plug the other side to the mobile phone. Put finger on the copper area that we have peeled. (Don't be afraid of the electricity, don't suck) color lines Black and green. Let the copper wire crash and plug into the mobile phone (no need to press any button). Then count 1-5, release the finger from the black and green copper separation.

Don't let each other crash. Wait for a moment. The computer will detect qualify for qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 equals to ready to use mi flash to continue the flash rom.

P.S. In case that the computer detect drivers are other types such as detect qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 900 e to update the drivers to qualifycomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 can be found from C: \ Program Files \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Qualcomm \ Driver Where we have installed mi flash program or download from below.

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