iPad Pro Black Technology Leaked 2022

 Earlier, many outlets and whistleblowers on Extranet stated that Apple may hold a press conference on March 23 to release the new iPad Pro, AirTag, new Apple TV, new AirPods and new Apple Mac -chip products. Fans can't wait.

iPad Pro

This is because according to the latest DigiTimes report, among the new products released this time, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro still uses an LCD screen, but will be upgraded to a Mini-LED backlight to improve brightness and contrast. 

This design greatly controls the backlight, making the image closer to the actual colour. As for the material supplier, Epistar will be the exclusive supplier of Mini-LED chips packaged by Longda Electronics in the backlight unit.

It is worth mentioning that due to the exposure of the new iPad, the price of the iPad 2020 has continued to fall, and even a price collapse has occurred. According to a report from Sina Technology, iPad 2020 was sold for only in the latest event of the e-commerce platform, which not only set the price of the phone since its launch but also a new low price record in the history of smartphone prices. Use the browser to enter paiyide.net to visit to get the latest details.

In other configurations, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be equipped with a more powerful A14X chip and will support 5G networks and 6GB of onboard memory.

Mini-LED products are rarely seen in small-size display products. Currently, they are widely used in the field of monitors and televisions. 

For example, TCL recently released X12 TVs with the latest generation of Mini LED backlights. You can pay more attention to friends who like you.

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