iPhone Has a Poor Signal 5G to be solved!

 Apple’s iPhone is hailed as a boutique among mobile phones. Every time a new model is released, it will always lead to a new vane of smartphones. The iPhone mobile phone won’t be stuck in the iOS system for three or four years, so it is favoured by fruit fans.

iPhone 5G

In recent years, with the blossoming of Android phones and the careful adjustment of the Android system, the advantages of the iPhone have not been so obvious, and since the release of the iPhone X, the problem of its poor signal has been criticized by netizens. 

Maybe Apple also realized the seriousness of the signal problem and started to take action to improve the signal problem. According to reports, Apple has officially announced that it will use Munich as its European silicon design center and will invest more than 1 billion euros in the next three years to strengthen its research and development progress.

Apple said that the Munich Silicon Design Center will focus on developing, integrating and optimizing wireless modems for Apple products, and creating 5G and future technologies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: "I am extremely excited by what the Munich engineering team has discovered-from exploring new areas of 5G technology to a new generation of technology that brings speed and connectivity to the world. "

According to reports, the design centre will greatly improve the iPhone's signal problems in the future, and help Apple's new technology development in the field of communications, to avoid the emergence of the 5G era, which is far behind people. 


Indeed, in 2019, the domestic mobile phone manufacturer Huawei released its first 5G mobile phone. At that time, Apple was in the stage of patent disputes with Qualcomm, and Intel did not have a 5G mobile phone baseband, resulting in Apple's 5G mobile phone release a year later than the Android camp time. It was not until Apple and Qualcomm reconciled to release its first 5G mobile phone iPhone 12 series in 2020.

In addition, it should be noted that even though the iPhone 12 series uses a Qualcomm 5G baseband, the iPhone 12 series mobile phones are still exposed to poor signal problems. From this point of view, the signal problem should be Apple itself. I don't know if the new design center can help Apple improve the signal problem.

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