iPhone13 Mini 2022

 When it comes to the iPhone series of mobile phones, in addition to saying that the iOS system is very easy to use, they are more helpless about the high price of the iPhone series and the way of squeezing toothpaste.

iPhone13 Mini 

As the old saying goes, Zhou Yu is willing to fight against the yellow cover, If you want to experience the advantages of iOS, you have to accept many missing technologies in the iPhone that are only available in domestic flagship phones. You can't see the changes of the iPhone in the real machine, and you can only imagine the appearance of the next-generation iPhone in the concept map. Foreign media produced a set of renderings of the iPhone13mini. In this set of renderings, the appearance design of the iPhone13mini has undergone tremendous changes and is extremely disruptive.

The design of iPhone13mini has a breakthrough from the front screen. The biggest change is that the notch is gone. I still remember that when the iPhone released the Liu Haiping design, the outside world said that Liu Haiping's design was ugly, and many domestic mobile phones used spoof pictures to express their positions. But soon domestic mobile phones began to imitate the iPhone Liu Haiping, but Liu Haiping was cancelled on the iPhone 13mini, which is also the trend of future technology. ZTE has begun to develop under-screen cameras and structured lights, and has reached the payment security level, so the future iPhone 13mini does not have a notch, which is also the general trend.

In addition, the screen frame of the iPhone13mini continues to maintain the flat design of the iPhone12 series, but the four corners of the screen have adopted a more rounded processing scheme. In fact, for the rounded corners, when the iPhone 13mini falls, the probability of screen damage will be smaller, because the sharper the four corners of the screen, the greater the probability of damage after being impacted by external forces. The super-ceramic panel makes the screen of iPhone13mini safer and more resistant to drops.

iPhone13 Mini 

Many years ago, fans ridiculed that the iPhone will be covered with cameras on the back of the fuselage in the future, but this time the iPhone 13mini will really disappoint everyone. In the iPhone13mini in the rendering, a huge lens module is designed on the back of the fuselage. This lens module is large in size and occupies half the area of ​​the fuselage. However, the lens module has become larger, and the number of cameras has not increased. Still four. Apple uses a practical design, so the design of such a big design will certainly not be designed like this because of its good-looking appearance.

The focus of many concept renderings is on the iPhone screen and the notch, but there is not much attention to the lens module on the back of the fuselage, which is very curious. For the iPhone13mini's rear camera parameter design, the combination given in the rendering diagram is the main camera 64 million + 12 million ultra wide angle + 12 million zoom + LIDAR radar laser scanning, the zoom capability can be said to be up to 5 times, overall shooting The effect is exciting.

iPhone13 Mini 

Although Apple wants to independently develop a 5G chip, it is estimated that the speed of the iPhone 13mini will be very small. Therefore, in the future, the iPhone 13mini should still be a combination of Apple’s A15 bionic processor and Qualcomm’s 5G baseband. Considering that 6G will replace 5G after the iteration, Apple is also actively developing 6G network technology. Of course, this technological achievement is still not visible in the near future. of.

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