iPhone13Pro With Oval Design

 For flagship mobile phones, what new products will be released by Apple mobile phones will always be a focus of heated discussion from the outside world. 

iPhone 13 Pro Back

Every time before the release of Apple’s new flagship mobile phone, there are always various renderings or conjectures that are exposed on the Internet. Many consumers think this design is ugly and impractical, but Unexpectedly, Apple will often make certain upgrades or changes according to these exposed renderings.

 The next generation of Apple mobile phones, if according to the current naming rules, then the next generation of mobile phones should be the iPhone13 series. So let's take a look at this set of conceptual renderings related to the iPhone 13 Pro, and see if it matches the Apple phone in your mind.

iPhone 13 Pro Back

Let us first take a look at the concept rendering of the first group. In this group of concept renderings, the iPhone13Pro uses an Apple icon design that can be lit. In addition, the camera on the back of the iPhone 13Pro still uses a square design, but it looks like a square before it is lit, but after it is lit, it has a completely different appearance from the traditional iPhone lens module. The lens module is divided into three parts, two round and one oval lens combinations.

The iPhone 13 Pro in the rendering is a big fuss in the lens module. You can see that the lens module contains three cameras, but two of them are circular lenses, and the other is an oval lens. Let us first guess that this oval lens maybe a telephoto lens. 

Of course, it does not rule out that Apple has developed a brand new camera for use in a special scene or for a special purpose. Apple is still very fascinated by the control of AR scenes, so this camera is likely to have an inseparable relationship with the AR scene shooting.

 iPhone 13 Pro Back Camera

In the rendering, there is not much to show the front design of the iPhone13Pro's screen, but a shiny dot is left on the top of the screen, which instead leaves room for imagination. If you interpret it according to the design in the rendering, then the iPhone 13 Pro will adopt the design concept of a single hole on the screen. 

However, if the screen is used for single-hole punching, the premise is that Liu Haiping needs to be completely abandoned, which is a very big challenge for the iPhone. Because the current bio-encryption technology that Apple relies on is mainly the 3D structured light face recognition and unlocking in Liu Haiping, and it is not equipped with under-screen fingerprint recognition and unlocking. A prerequisite for a camera with a single screen punch is that the iPhone 13 Pro will be unlocked with under-screen fingerprint recognition.

 iPhone 13 Pro Back Design

Fortunately, the charging port of the iPhone 13 Pro in the rendering is reserved, so you don't need to worry about it. I think there is a bright spot in the rendering of the whole design, that is, the illuminating Apple logo on the back of the iPhone13Pro. In the private sector, many players like to modify the Apple logo, place an LED light inside the fuselage, and at the same time light up the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone fuselage. In fact, I think it looks like the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone, which is a very good idea to light up like a breathing light.

iPhone 13 Pro Back 

Regarding the internal application parameters of the iPhone13Pro, I don’t think I need to make too many guesses, because the iPhone is an iterative model of previous generations, and its internal hardware parameters, especially performance, have always been ahead of other Android phones. 

Coupled with the IOS software part of the iPhone, the perfect combination of hardware and software can give the iPhone its greatest advantage. Of course, we can still guess here, iPhone13Pro will be equipped with two-way wireless charging, wired fast charging, wireless fast charging and other technologies, and the battery capacity can also be improved, and battery life is guaranteed.

According to the current price rules, the price of the iPhone13Pro is expected to be more than 1000$. I wonder if this price is a bit expensive for you?

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