McAfee Total Protection 1 Year Activation

   McAfee Total Protection 2021 is an advanced antivirus program, suitable for PC security Web browsing and password manager, with the desktop application and ID theft protection, protecting you and the whole family from the latest viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware Software attacks, while keeping your privacy and identity safe

McAfee Total Protection 1 Year Activation

The program not only has the award-winning antivirus function but also provides extensive protection measures to help protect the device, privacy and identity; it is for families equipped with various devices It Ideal choice, it provides Windows and mobile virus protection, spam filtering, secure encryption of sensitive files, etc.; connect five or ten devices and protect the most important from hackers and cybercriminals; through protection or Shred sensitive files, delete cookies, etc. to gain an advantage against digital identity thieves. Since most of your identities exist in different file types, many of them are invisible to you!

Software function:

Protect your financial and personal information from potential fraud

Our multi-layered identity protection can alert you when your information is leaked online.

And automatically generate and store complex passwords to help protect your account.

Banking via Wi-Fi, shopping and browsing worry-free

Turn an insecure network into your own private connection by using our secure address.

It can ensure that your credit card and personal information are safe from prying eyes.

Click with confidence to learn about sites you can trust.

Colour-coded links will show dangerous and fraudulent websites on search results and social media pages.

If you click improperly, we will even bring you back to a safe state.

Not only anti-virus software but also peace of mind.

At McAfee, we protect the important things you do; we use award-winning antivirus software to protect more than 500 million devices.

But you need a solution that can protect your personal information, and privacy and help you browse safely online.

Software features:

When connecting to public Wi-Fi, keep your browsing habits and data from being spied on by others.

When you register for automatic renewal, it includes a secure address, which uses bank-level encryption to protect your location, bank credentials, and credit card information.

You can even access geo-restricted content and applications while travelling.

In McAfee security solutions, McAfee Total Protection combines anti-virus, privacy and identification tools and functions, so it has a high status.

Defend against the latest viruses, malware, ransomware and spyware attacks while keeping your identity and privacy private.

All Windows PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones can provide daily power for your family.

It is therefore difficult to track their equipment, let alone protect them.

It can protect five to ten devices without shaking, and most importantly, without affecting the safety of the family.

Software advantage:

After enabling automatic renewal, security can be improved through enhanced identity and privacy protection, and you can cancel the update at any time.

With our always-on dark web monitoring and 24/7/365 repair experts, you can keep your identity at any time.

With our bank-level VPN encryption, you can turn any public Wi-Fi network into your own secure hotspot to protect your data from prying eyes.

Prevent unauthorized access to your account

Keep your bank and credit card information locked.

The system uses bank-level encryption to protect data anywhere you connect, so you can bank, shop, and browse like no one is paying attention.

Our password manager will also store all your accounts, auto-fill and generate complex passwords even on mobile devices.

Stay ahead of identity theft.

When you sign up for the auto-renewal included in your subscription, ID Theft sentinels will always monitor the personal information that may be leaked on the dark web.

Include address, SSN, etc., and remind you immediately when possible. There is a risk of fraud.

If something goes wrong, our remedial agent is ready to help 24/7.

Multi-device protection for your modern connected home.

All Windows PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones can provide daily power for your family.

It is therefore difficult to track their equipment, let alone protect them.

McAfee is more than just anti-virus software.

With the continuous development of digital threats, in addition to anti-virus, the demand for comprehensive protection is also growing.

This is where Microsoft Defender stands out, and it is also where McAfee excels.

McAfee Total Protection can not only protect your device but also cover your identity and financial information, Wi-Fi connection and even browsing.

installation steps:

  • Click on the download free trial button and it will start downloading on your computer.
  • After successful downloading, Run the setup and Install it on your computer.
  • Open the antivirus software and you can see that you have got 30 day free trial period.
  • You can easily enjoy all the features of McAfee Total Protection and save your computer from viruses and online threats.
McAfee Total Protection 1 Year Free Activation Code
  • G968T-IDHWY-353TC-S4242-RQDQD
  • MX7MZ-JS9S8-U5Y6G-D6GW5-42EQD 


If you want to activate the McAfee Total Protection for a 1-year activation code, then check below we are doing a giveaway.

Many people can’t afford McAfee Total Protection so we decided to start the giveaway. You can easily use the below registration key for McAfee Total Protection. Enjoy the software and don’t change the passwords.

  • 1. The user can click the download path provided by this website to download the corresponding pam installation package.

McAfee Total Protection (multi-functional system comprehensive protection tool).

2. Just use the decompression function to open the compressed package, double-click the main program to install it, and the program installation interface will pop up.

McAfee Total Protection (multi-functional system comprehensive protection tool)

3. Click Install according to the prompts, the program installation completion interface will pop up, and click the Finish button.

McAfee Total Protection (multi-functional system comprehensive protection tool)

Instructions for use:

The core of McAfee Total Protection is cloud-based online and offline protection, which provides award-winning antivirus software to defend against viruses, online threats and ransomware. In addition to Windows PC, McAfee Total Protection also provides cross-device protection, so that you can use it on Mac and iOS/Android mobile devices with confidence, so you can enjoy security protection on all compatible devices at home and on the go.

McAfee Total Protection (multi-functional system comprehensive protection tool)

Our secure VPN uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology, which can be used when you register for automatic update** to protect your browsing information and online habits, whether at home or on the go.

McAfee® WebAdvisor network protection can avoid attacks, they use risky websites, links and files before clear warnings occur, so you can browse, shops and banks with confidence.

PC optimization can help your PC run faster while ensuring that you still have first-class security. Web Boost helps you save battery and bandwidth by automatically pausing videos and avoiding distracting auto-playing videos. With App Boost, the apps you are actively working on will automatically get a boost in resources, so you can complete your work faster.

Available with McAfee Total Protection Class 10 devices, McAfee® Safe Family provides powerful parental control features for your children’s Windows PC and Android/iOS devices. From helping children to develop good habits to managing application usage and online time, "Safe Family" has many practical functions that can provide you with a series of methods to help children exercise their digital life. You can even track their location when they need some outdoor time.

McAfee Total Protection (multi-functional system comprehensive protection tool)

Because many files of your digital life exist on your computer, you can use McAfee ® Quick Clean™, File Lock and Paper Shredder™ to manage your privacy. Use McAfee QuickClean to delete temporary files and cookies to reclaim storage space and minimize exposure. File Lock allows you to create password-protected encrypted drives on your PC, which will only be displayed after unlocking them, which is ideal for storing sensitive files such as tax returns and financial documents. Finally, when you are dealing with sensitive files, McAfee Shredder will safely delete the files so that possible thieves cannot put them together.

Our password is the key to the digital realm. Use our password manager to create and remember complex passwords, thus avoiding guesswork. The password manager can store, auto-fill or even generate unique complex passwords. For added convenience, you can use one account to access shared passwords on PC and mobile devices.

McAfee Total Protection (multi-functional system comprehensive protection tool)

Many vulnerabilities on the PC are caused by outdated applications. With a vulnerability scanner, you can update Windows and applications from one place, and use a tool to scan and install important updates to simplify Windows and application updates.

By using our built-in Microsoft® Outlook spam filter to delete spam before it reaches the inbox, just say "no" to the spam blocking mail.

Moreover, if you have registered for automatic renewal, McAfee Identity Theft Protection can help you stay ahead of identity theft through Dark Web and SSN; monitoring, 24/7 support and more. 

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