OPPO FindX3 joins hands with Oscar Actor

 In recent days, OPPO's official microblog has continuously exposed more big news about the OPPOFindX3 series. 

OPPO FindX3 

After Jiang Wen became OPPO image explorer and Oscar's best soundtracker HansZimmer customized mysterious ringtones, he released the joint Oscar Award for Best Actor EddieRe DMA yne opened the news of the mysterious project and announced the appearance and craftsmanship of the OPPOFindX3 series. With the increase in official information about the OPPOFindX3 series, everyone’s impression of the OPPOFindX3 series is becoming more and more concrete. OPPOFindX3 will be a slim, stylish, and colour imaging flagship machine with excellent imaging functions. As for any other highlights, you may want to It won’t be fully understood until March 11th.

1- Stylish appearance in a thin and light body:

OPPO FindX3 

According to the posters and video information of the OPPO official micro, it can be understood that the OPPO FindX3 series will have a thinner body and a more fashionable appearance. Although the use of a dual main camera lens combination means that more components must be incorporated into the body, the OPPO Find X3 series is still lighter and thinner, achieving a light and thin body with a weight of 190g+ and a thickness of 8mm+, making it lighter and more comfortable to hold. In terms of appearance design, the OPPOFindX3 series adopts an art-level hot forging process to make the glass hot-bent and integrally formed, and uses 2000+ control points to precisely adjust the curve of the back cover, bringing an impossible curved surface design of the back cover and a more futuristic design. Streamlined design. In terms of colour matching, the OPPO FindX3 series will use a curved glass OC0 coating process, showing an integrated ceramic glaze. Its crater image lens group also better integrates the dual main camera lens group with the back cover, which can bring a more harmonious visual feeling.

2- Full link 10bit colour engine:

OPPO Find X3 series is the flagship of colour imaging, which will definitely bring a better imaging experience. According to the information that OPPO has released, the OPPO Find X3 series will be equipped with 1 billion colour dual main cameras and a 1 billion colours perfect colour screen, which can realize the full link of 1 billion colours. That is, the OPPOFindX3 series is used to record images, from shooting, storage to display, each step can present 1 billion colours, the original image presentation, and the latest mobile phone colour breakthrough. Friends who love image creation s

hould be very excited at this moment, and such a high-resolution image strength can indeed bring greater creative space.

3- The mysterious plan of the Oscar actor:

Among the information released by OPPO official micro, the mysterious plan with Oscar actor Eddie Redmayne is the most touching. It is reported that the plan will be announced on March 11 when the OPPO FindX3 series is released globally. Now let’s get a general understanding. Eddie Redmayne is the best actor at the Academy Awards. He has superb acting skills and interprets different and colourful lives through careful study of the characters’ hearts. OPPO has attached the poster "Images are worth a thousand words" and " To keep today for tomorrow", netizens can roughly guess the main direction of the plan, and the specific details will wait for the official announcement of the plan.

OPPO FindX3 

On the whole, the OPPO Find X3 series is excellent in image configuration and appearance design, which can bring users a better image experience. With the continuous release of OPPO official WeChat messages, I believe that the OPPO Find X3 series has more reasons to touch users.

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