Stellar Repair for Photo 2021

 Friends must usually encounter the picture received from the Internet or through other software when you open it, the picture file is damaged and cannot be viewed. 

Stellar Repair for Photo 2021

Especially embarrassing, today Xiaobian recommends a picture repair artifact for everyone. Stellar Repair for Photo is the best DIY tool to repair damaged photos with JPG or JPEG file extensions. This software can repair image files stored in the hard drive of a computer, memory card or any other storage medium, and it also supports repairing. Corrupted headers and invalid JPEG file structure. In addition, this software can also repair multiple JPEG files at the same time, and use feminist rights without risk, and can also provide photo preview. Very easy to use, welcome to download!

Software features:

1. Repair damaged titles and invalid JPEG file structure.

2. Repair damaged JPG files recovered from damaged storage media.

3. Extract thumbnails of severely damaged JPEG files.

4. Repair multiple JPEG files at the same time.

5. It is risk-free. The trial version provides repaired JPEG and JPG previews.


1. Repair JPEG file:

Repair damaged or damaged JPEG image files and restore them from flash memory cards, memory sticks, computer hard drives or any other auxiliary storage media. Even if the title is damaged, the JPEG data is damaged, the JPEG file structure is invalid, the JPEG tag is unknown or invalid, the SOS tag is missing, etc. Stellar JPEG Repair will repair completely unreadable JPEG files.

2. Extract thumbnails of damaged files:

This JPEG recovery software can easily extract embedded thumbnails of severely damaged JPEG files without affecting its visual fidelity. This feature is especially important for all damaged or damaged JPEG images that cannot be repaired. With Stellar Repair for Photo, you can get thumbnails of these files.

3. Preview of repaired JPEG file:

The JPEG recovery tool provides an option to preview the repaired jpeg file after scanning, so that you can check the inconsistencies in the repaired image before saving. This tool has a knack for completely repairing all images. Once you find that there are no differences, you can choose to save them anywhere on the storage medium.

4. Easy-to-use interface:

Stellar Repair for Photo software is very easy to use with its simple and intuitive GUI. You will find a progress bar showing the exact status of the scanning or saving process. After completing the task, you will be provided with a corresponding message to know whether the task was successfully completed.

Installation tutorial:

1. Download and install the original file.

2. Read and agree to the installation agreement, click [next].

3. Select the installation directory.

4. Click [install] to start the original file installation.

5. The installation is successful, click [finish].

6. Open the installation directory , And replace the original file with the cracked patch. 

The default is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Stellar Repair for Photo

7. Stellar Repair for Photo cracked successfully

Preview and save image files:

You can select the repaired image file to save in the desired location.

To save the repaired file: 

1. In the preview window, select the file in the left pane to view it. 

2. In the left pane, check the files that need to be saved. 

3. Thumbnail and extraction, the repaired file image is displayed in the preview window together with the original file. You can check, uncheck to show, hide thumbnails, and extract files. 

4. Click "Save Repaired File". The "Select Folder" dialog box is displayed. 

5. In the dialog box, select the location to save the image file, and then click "OK". 

6. The RepairiredFiles folder is automatically created in the specified location. Click "click here" to open the folder where the repaired file is saved. 

7. Click "OK" to close the message box. 

(1) If the repaired file is saved in the same location, the "Folder Exist" dialog box will be displayed, which contains the option to rename and overwrite the file. 

If you want to rename the folder, click Rename. The folder will be saved in the specified location. 

(2) If you want to replace the previously repaired file folder with a new folder, click "Overwrite".

Click "Overwrite". The "File Exists" dialog box opens. 

If you want to rename the image, click "Rename, Rename All". 

If you want to overwrite the previous image, click "Overwrite, overwrite all". 

If you do not want to perform any operation, click "Skip, skip all". 

Note: The thumbnail of the repaired image file (if available) will be saved in a separate folder in the "Repaired Files" folder.




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