The True Facts About Honor V40!!

 With the blessing of a series of top configurations, Honor V40 became the focus of the industry when it was first launched. However, as the saying goes, a good product must stand the test of time. 

Honor V40

Now that more than a month has passed since the release date of January 22, many users have already started and used it for a period of time. As for whether the real experience of Honor V40 is worthy of the name, in the near future We conducted an inventory summary of buyer reviews and found that the products continued to sell well, and the user feedback was excellent, with rave reviews.

A few days ago, the official WeChat account of Honor mobile phone itself also released a summary video of Honor V40 user reviews. In the video, netizens gave high praise to Honor V40’s ID design, screen, camera, games, fast charging, etc., such as Compliments such as "the most beautiful mobile phone" and "the screen is impressive", which are consistent with the real evaluation we have learned from e-commerce platforms.

On the e-commerce platform, users' evaluations of ID design mainly focus on both the appearance and the feel, "not only looks comfortable but also feels comfortable in the hand" and "the back is very recognizable". The reason for this high praise is that the Honor V40 adopts an 80° super-curved waterfall screen on the front to create a barrier-free look; the back is divided into planes by multiple equal-ratio rectangles, showing the beauty of mathematics. At the same time, the AG technology and high-gloss glass Seamlessly connect, create three unique colours of magic night black, titanium empty silver and rose gold, which are fully recognizable; combined with excellent internal space organization, it has a thickness of only 8.04mm and a weight of only 186g Lightweight feel.

While evaluating the ID design, users also praised the Honor V40 screen the most, such as "it is the best screen for Honor phones", "good display, rich colours, high refresh rate, smooth page-turning" and so on. This is indeed the case. The Honor V40 screen is the top in the industry. It not only supports a 1 billion colour display but also can achieve the exquisite restoration effect of "what you see on the screen". It also supports the top 120Hz refresh rate and 300Hz touch. Control sampling rate, among which high refresh rate can bring a smoother screen display effect, high touch sampling rate brings super sensitive touch response, not only "smooth page-turning", but also a must for playing games.

For common photo scenes, users have received constant praise, mainly focusing on clear photos and strong night shots, such as "photographing real cows" and "photographing stars and moons". It is reported that the Honor V40 is equipped with a 50 million ultra-sensitive imaging system, of which 50 million main cameras use a 1/1.56 inch flagship ultra-large sensor, which can be described as a big one. It also supports the self-developed RYYB array, which further increases the progress by 40%. The amount of light, there is no pressure in the face of extreme dark shooting, sitting in the real "night vision device". In addition, Honor V40 also supports AI RAW domain algorithm, which also has excellent performance when shooting people. It can accurately blur the background, more natural skin colour, and more refined facial features.

In addition, users have continued to praise the Honor V40’s gaming experience and fast charging, such as “playing games is cool”, “playing games is not hot, very smooth”, “charging speed is invincible, full in 35 minutes”, “66W fast charging It's really amazing, and it will be full in about half an hour" etc.

In fact, games and fast charging have always been Honor's bests, and this time it has been greatly improved in Honor V40. For example, in terms of games, in addition to using 120Hz refresh rate and 300Hz touch rate to improve user manipulation experience at the hardware level, Honor V40 also brings GPU TurboX and Hun te rBoost hunter game full-blood engine, which can not only stimulate the potential and maintain the full-frame experience, And it can also reduce power consumption and achieve long-term "calm" output. In terms of fast charging, Honor V40 brings the industry's leading 66W fast charging, which can be charged to 50% in 15 minutes, and is also equipped with 50W wireless fast charging to meet users' multi-scenario charging needs.

Judging from the user evaluations summarized in the recent inventory, the many top configurations of the Honor V40 have indeed brought consumers a veritable experience. It has gained high praise in ID design, photography, games, fast charging and other aspects, and maintained its popularity. Naturally, it makes sense. It is believed that as time goes by, Honor V40 may usher in the spread of word-of-mouth and achieve a further increase in sales.

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