What to do if I forgot my Google Authenticator key

 If you forget the Google Authenticator key, you can find the btc-e website, find the QR code image that was given to you during the initial setup, and scan it again.

Google Authenticator 

If the user’s phone with the Google Authenticator key installed is lost, there are important files that can be retrieved. 

After logging in to the web page, click on the phone is lost, and then enter the account to log in, and you will receive a reset email in the registered mailbox, which can be backed up. 

The database file of the authenticator is packaged and stored in another place with a password, and can be copied back to the phone when needed.

Data expansion: Google Authenticator (Google Authenticator) v2.33 Google launched a dynamic password tool to solve the problem of malicious attacks on your Google account.

After using Google Authenticator v2.33 to generate the dynamic password on the mobile phone, in addition to the normal user name and password in the Google related service login, you need to enter the dynamic password once to verify the success.

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