How to Recover Data From a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

 As you can imagine, once your Android phone is lost or stolen, you cannot really recover the data. You can only use the data cached by Google Cloud, which includes contacts, wallpapers, calendar entries and some account information. It does not automatically back up images, games, movies, and other data, so you should configure the backup immediately.

Google Options

On Android

1.Enable synchronization and backup in 1. Navigate to Settings, Accounts, and then Google.

2. Select the account you want to back up.

3. Choose Gmail, Contacts and Calendar.

4. Navigate to settings, then make a backup and reset.

5. Choose to backup my data.

If you want to back up images, videos, music and other data, you can sync them to Google Drive. By default, you have 15GB of space, and you can buy more if you want.

1. If your phone has not yet installed the Google Drive app, please download and install it.

2. Open Google Drive on your phone and select the three menu rows in the upper left corner.

3. Scroll down to settings and select it.

4. Choose how the phone will be backed up to Google Drive.

Google Drive can automatically back up files to the cloud or manually. I tend to allow it to execute automatically, but only when connected to Wi-Fi. This way I can get all the benefits of automatic synchronization without burning my data.


If you don’t want to use Google Drive, you can also use Drobox or other cloud storage to automatically back up your phone to the cloud application. Just remember to set it now. Once a lost or stolen Android phone, unless you have backed it up, you cannot restore the data.

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