Huawei releases HarmonyOS on April 24

 Due to the continued sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, Huawei’s international market is experiencing dire straits. Its leading smartphone market is being carved up by other competitors. Huawei is forced to adjust its strategy instead of focusing on mid-range mobile phones. Emphasis is placed on flagship products. 


Huawei P50 series is rumored to be launched in March, but due to the ban, the new product was forced to be postponed. The possible reason is that Huawei originally hoped to reach an agreement with the US government now managed by Biden, but so far, there is no sign that the ban will be lifted. In the crisis, Huawei is struggling to prepare its operating system HarmonyOS, which will be able to replace Android on its smartphones. 

It is reported that the new operating system and flagship product series will be launched next month. #Huawei Hongmeng II can replace Android?#


According to people familiar with the matter, Huawei will hold two events next month, which will be held between April 22 and April 27.

Huawei HarmonyOS will be released on April 24, Huawei P50 series will be released on April 27

The first may be the release of HarmonyOS 2.0, which is expected to make its debut as a new operating system for Huawei smartphones. In addition, Huawei will hold the Huawei HDC Developer Conference from April 24th to 26th. It is expected that the Hongmeng OS operating system will debut on April 24th. The iterative version of HarmonyOS will be released on April 24th. I hope it will be a smartphone. The highly anticipated version of the mobile OS.

Huawei P50

The second possibility is information related to the Huawei P50 series running HarmonyOS. The P50 series may come out on April 27, but it is not clear whether this refers to a Chinese release or an overseas release. There are rumors that the global distribution will begin in May.

The new Huawei P50 series will be equipped with different versions of Kirin 9000 chips. Due to the shortage of chips this year, it will be sold in limited quantities. Huawei may release three variants, including Huawei P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro+.

Huawei P50

HarmonyOS will be officially unveiled on Huawei Mate X2 in April 2021

In fact, there has been a lot of news about the Hongmeng system before. The operating system is currently in the third phase of beta testing. According to reports, the fourth and final beta update will arrive on March 31, 2021.

Huawei Mate X2

Now that there is finally a breakthrough, the official update of HarmonyOS will beApril 2021 will arrive, and the first phone to release this version will be its new foldable phone: Huawei Mate X2 . Huawei Mate X2 comes with Android 10, but once the official OTA update is pushed to the new device, users can update to HarmonyOS.

Currently, Huawei Mate X2 is only officially on sale in the domestic market. It is expected that more devices compatible with HarmonyOS will be updated in the next few months. According to previous reports, there are more than 30 smart phones, two tablets, and smart watches, including most of Huawei’s new devices, so it’s certain In other words, Huawei will go all out to use its new operating system.


Huawei has always emphasized the ecosystem functions and seamlessness that HarmonyOS will bring. The beta plan also includes AIoT devices. Therefore, this possible multi-platform version is very meaningful. Prior to this, HarmonyOS has appeared in other Huawei devices, such as Honor's Vision Smart TV. As for HarmonyOS smartphones, some Beta testers said that Huawei's "new" operating system is actually a simple branch of Android. You can only know how it is when you use it.

Huawei Mate X2

In any case, the mystery is about to be revealed. When Huawei Mate X2 or Huawei P50 series are released, Huawei's Android alternative product Hongmeng OS will also be officially launched. At that time, it will be tested by the market. In the end, whether HarmonyOS can compete with iOS and Android, only time will prove everything. So, what do you think? Will you try Huawei's new products for the first time? Welcome to leave a comment below to discuss.

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