3 waysTo Use Clubhouse Application ON PC

 Clubdeck is an unofficial desktop client for the Clubhouse application With it, you can access the Clubhouse application on a Windows or Mac computer with just a few taps It also provides special functions for the host to effectively adjust the room.

3 waysTo Use Clubhouse Application ON PC

Method 1-Use Clubdeck:


  1. Visit Clubdeck's website on your browser.
  2. Download the Clubhouse desktop application for Windows or Mac .
  3. After downloading, run the installer and complete the installation.ClubDeck-02
  4. Open the app , enter your number and click Submit .ClubDeck-03
  5. Enter the one-time password and click Submit .Clubhouse-Desktop-App-Clubdeck

You can now use the Clubhouse application on your PC without any problems. With Clubdeck, you can almost complete all operations and the additional functions mentioned below on the Clubhouse mobile app .

  • Use professional microphones for better audio quality.
  • Reroute audio through software such as Loopback or Blackhole.
  • Play custom sounds and jitters from local files or YouTube.
  • Record and replay the club room on social media.
  • Get real-time insights about your audience.
  • Set up background chat for real-time coordination with co-hosts.
  • Use shortcuts to navigate and adjust Clubhouse like a professional .

Method 2-BlueStacks or iMazing:

Blue Stack

Windows users can use BlueStacks (a popular PC Android emulator) to install and run Clubhouse on their computers.

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  1. First, download BlueStacks on your PC from the official website .
  2. Run the installer and wait for it to complete the installation.Use-Clubhouse-on-PC-with-BlueStacks-6
  3. Now, click on the Play Store and log in with your Google account .Use-Clubhouse-on-PC-with-BlueStacks-5
  4. Then, search for "Clubhouse" from the Play Store.Use-Clubhouse-on-PC-with-BlueStacks-4
  5. Install and open the application . If you are a new user, tap "Get your username."Use-Clubhouse-on-PC-with-BlueStacks-3
  6. If you already have an account, please log in with your mobile number and OTP .Use-Clubhouse-on-PC-with-BlueStacks-2-1

That's it. You can now enjoy Clubhouse on your PC without any hassle. The way the app works is exactly the same as it works on an Android phone.


The interface will be in landscape mode, giving you more space and ease of use. Don't worry, there are no delays or crashes-BlueStacks 5 consumes fewer resources and achieves higher performance and responsiveness.

iMazing (for M1 Mac users):

iMazing is a multifunctional application that allows you to transfer iOS data and back up iPhone, iPad and iPod. However, in this case, we only need it to download and install the Clubhouse application on the Mac machine .

If you are using a Mac computer equipped with an M1 chip , you can use the iMazing  application to run Clubhouse on your Mac computer.

  1. Download the iMazing software on Mac from here .
  2. After downloading, double-click the DMG file and complete the installation.
  3. Open iMazing and tap " Continue Trial" when asked for a license .
  4. In the top menu, select  Configurator > Library > Applications.Clubhouse-on-Mac-03
  5. Click the Add from App Store button at the bottom .
  6. Now, search for Clubhouse and download the application. Log in to your Apple account when asked .
  7. The application needs to be installed on your iPhone or iPad before it can be installed on your Mac .Clubhouse-on-Mac-02
  8. After installation, it will be displayed in the "Applications" tab of iMazing. Right-click the application and click " Export IPA" .
  9. Select the destination you want, such as the desktop, and then export the application .Clubhouse-on-Mac
  10. Double-click the IPA file to install the Clubhouse application . It will now begin to appear in the Applications  folder or Launchpad .
  11. Please open it and log in to your club account.
  12. Join the room to see if it is working properly, including audio and microphone.
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Method 3-Use Android Studio:


Android Studio is usually used by developers for application testing and development. However, you can use it to simulate a mature Android device on your computer, where you can run any application you want, including Clubhouse.

  1. First, please follow our detailed guide on setting up Android Studio.
  2. After successfully running the Android virtual device, open the Play Store and log in with your Google account .
  3. Search the clubhouse and install it normally.
  4. If you are a new user, click "Get your username".
  5. If you already have a club account, please log in with your mobile number and OTP .

That's it. The Clubhouse application runs as well on your PC as it runs on an Android phone. Make sure that your computer’s microphone is working properly.

Can I use Clubhouse on multiple devices?

Not possible. You cannot use Clubhouse on multiple devices at the same time. When you log in with your Clubhouse account on your desktop or any other mobile phone, it will automatically be logged out of the previous device.

Therefore, if you have multiple devices, you must pass OTP verification every time you want to use it on a different device.

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