Apple iOS15 is more beautiful than iOS14

 After the release of Huawei Hongmeng system, it has been the focus of widespread attention in the industry and abroad. However, the enthusiasm of another new system has not subsided because of the advent of Hongmeng, on the contrary, it is evenly matched with Hongmeng. This new system is Apple iOS 15.


As early as May 25th, Apple officially announced that it will hold the WWDC 2021 Global Developers Conference from June 8th to 12th.

As time approaches, there are more and more news about iOS15, and the credibility is higher.

Combined with the currently known information, the author believes that the appearance of the upcoming Apple iOS 15 is more beautiful than iOS 14.

Judging from the renderings, the desktop icons of iOS 15 are more rounded than those of iOS 14, and the overall interface style of iOS 15 is more materialized, giving people a sense of three-dimensionality.

IOS 15 & IOS 14 Options

In addition to the superficial changes, iOS 15 has also been updated in some details, such as the control center.

I learned that the control center of iOS 15 is somewhat similar to macOS. The WiFi and Bluetooth of the mobile phone are all in one control block, and the other shortcut functions including sound, do not disturb mode, screen mirroring, etc. are located in other control blocks.

In addition, according to netizen Connor Jewiss's Twitter, the lock screen interface of iOS 15 will be greatly changed, and the way of message notification grouping will also be adjusted.

IOS15 Notifications

It is worth mentioning that Apple will also add a long-awaited information screen display in iOS 15. Judging from the rendering, the iOS 15 screen displays the time, call, music, and health content.

Although this is a brand new feature for the iPhone, as a former Android user, I believe that Apple’s addition of the new screen display in iOS 15 is not an update, but only a shortcoming.

IOS iMessage

As for other functions, I look forward to iOS 15's changes to iMessage. On June 4, foreign media MacRumors reported that Apple will make an epic update to iMessage.

For the specific update content, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman broke the news that iMessage in iOS 15 may add features such as do not disturb mode, automatically reply to specific messages, and sleep mode.

In fact, iMessage currently also has an automatic reply function, but only when the phone is turned on in driving mode. However, the automatic reply function in iOS 15 allows users to set corresponding automatic reply content for collective information.

Compared with the current iOS system, iOS15 is obviously more flexible, and the application scenarios have become richer. So the author is full of expectations for iOS 15. The iPhone 13 pre-installed with iOS 15 will also like to mention new selling points.

According to the latest news on June 6, foreign media reported that iOS 15 will also redesign an incoming call notification banner.

It should be noted that in the annual developer conference, in addition to the release of iOS15, Apple will also launch iPadOS 15. Compared with the previous generation, iPadOS 15 will also have more changes. Will you watch WWDC on time?

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